About Diffractions Collective

Emerging in 2013 as a platform for critical discussion on art and algorithm, Diffractions Collective now labors at the intersection of art and philosophy, focusing mainly on philosophy of technology, dromology, governance, semiotic economy, and conflict. After holding events at the Školská 28 gallery in Prague, in the spring of 2016 the Collective relocated their activities to the Display gallery. Since then, it has become a platform for contemporary theory and praxis, mobilizing assemblages of artists, writers, coders and thinkers in the wider CEE region.

We arrange lectures, discussions and workshops, and we also operate this blog where we present our affiliated persons’ writings. If you would like to contribute, or simply get in contact with us, please write us at diffractionscollective@gmail.com.

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  • Dustin Breitling dbreitling321[at]hotmail.com
  • Vít Bohal vbohal[at]gmail.com