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Adversarial Architectures w/Anna Engelhardt

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We speak with Anna Engelhardt to discuss Russian colonialism/decolonization, Adversarial Infrastructure/GANs, Deep Fakes, and Reputational Volatility.

Anna Engelhardt is the alias of a research-based media artist and writer. Her practice examines infrastructures of post-Soviet cyberspace through a decolonial lens, with an overarching aim of dismantling Russian imperialism. These investigations—often produced in collaboration—take on multiple forms of media as they develop, including videos, websites, software interventions, and hardware interfaces. In tandem, Anna pursues writing, lecturing, and publishing to promote decolonial approaches to cyberspace and to situate digital conflicts within a broader colonial enterprise. Her works and activities have featured at transmediale 2022, Venice Biennale Architettura 2021, Ars Electronica 2020, Strelka Magazine, 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and Kyiv Biennial 2021.

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