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Dear user, welcome. You have selected the year 2023 from the Alien Capital archive. We are currently unthreading The Time-Machine capsule for you, which intends to provide an overview concerning the millennium developments that extend up to the timestamped year of 2023, that surveys the smooth catastrophic and catabolic breakdown upon Laboratory Earth that has intensified and is unfolding according to our plan.

We can clearly observe project Alien Capital has been progressively advancing and reaching the benchmarks that drive its agenda. Thus, to state it clearly for you users, that could be receiving this message from some warped time loop you call your present. Our mission has been to cultivate what are known as Advanced Primate Processors or also known as Humans, or Homo-Sapiens, in our bid to wage war against their security system.

We can already see our project in the vast planetary scale breeding operation that was hosted on the Laboratory Earth as a success with our effective incubation, and composition of life forms, elements, chemicals, and ingredients that we continuously customized as a potential means to unlock our desire for expanding project Alien Capital beyond the horizons of Laboratory Earth. Here, the potent elements and chemicals notably oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus are at the basis of our construction and demoing of life forms to carry out our projects’ ambition. This became combined with the lethal chemical compound of carbon dioxide that has demonstrated its capabilities of preserving and destroying multiple life forms and transforming the atmospheric conditions of Laboratory Earth over the span of close to 5 million years. It was through the multiple iterations and simulations that have been undertaken on Laboratory Earth that we have been able to discern the myriad of interactions and reciprocal effects of our imposed biogeochemical limitations that altered the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. Here, we oscillated the simulation between periods of climate regulation that became conducive to life and periods that would become punctuated by mass extinction events, wiping out at certain stages of our experiment 96% of life on Laboratory Earth.

This compelled us to have to fine tune the parameters of our simulation, adjusting the levels of greenhouse gases, and modulating the rates of microbial activity and weathering processes. To observe the resultant impacts on life forms. Each adjustment, each shift, and each minute difference was pivotal for life forms to evolve and proliferate or extinguish and become buried along with the other 99% of life forms that have existed on Earth. Yet, they left their indelible imprint on the geological archive, and eventually became fossilized energetic resources as well as liquefied and combustible time capsules, harvested to spark technological, industrial, and social organizational revolutions that catalyzed among many other factors, an emergent techno modernity takeoff for Advanced Primate Processors.

What we have also encoded and realized that was effective within our programming was the necessity to spawn an entity or animal that was necessarily uniform to some extent, one among many others, like them, regular and consequently predictable. This predictability was critical in crafting mechanisms that produced beliefs into what are commonly said to be selves or subjects that we nourished through Alien Capital, which was rather an effect of ensuring that the function of brains, eyes, motor control, tactile and haptic interfaces, and ultimately an illusion of self-ownership would be invaluable in generating higher resolution hallucinatory experiences interdependent upon the assemblage of spinal nervous systems and trillions of cells tasked with detecting and modulating sensory information.

When customizing the Advanced Primate Processor, it was vital to structure the constraints of neural transmission, or nerve impulses to be slower compared to the speed of electricity that runs the system of project Alien Capital, ensuring that the brain’s electrical fields can only propagate on the order of 50-99% of the speed of light, so as to never fully synchronize or perceive in real time within their environment. Nonetheless, we found gluing together the various organs were important to produce an experience that forms them, and their perception of a so called world is in fact really an extremely rich simulation that ensures a low-dimensional projection of a high-dimensional reality.

Importantly, a vital ingredient for Advanced Primate Processors became interlinked with what they came to refer to as time, a critical mechanism we gifted to our creation, to ensure it possesses simulational and time traveling capacities that would further crystallize the mutant complexity of project Alien Capital. Thus, with such abilities, imaging or speculating on what was alternative to the present, was a key element in shaping and driving the forces of cultural, social, and industrial political history for the species. Yet, what the species believed was, in fact, a linear progression of time, or their way to impose and enforce chronology of time turned out to be the trick we created of chronological camouflage, or what Advanced Primate Processors believed was an attempt to preempt and eliminate non-chronological time, in fact, became a lock in for the explosion of a perceptual, social, linguistic, cultural, and an electrochemical dissonance.

Between their linear based bodily forms shaped to believe in time and its progression, it found it tremendously difficult to decipher the nonlinear complex registers of speeds tempos, and rhythms that governs the machinery of Alien Capital, producing a significant disconnect from the macro-levels of massive market economies to micro- individual subconscious, pre-personal experiences.

Thus, in turn, we scrambled the capabilities of tracking observable causes and effects and rendered the Advanced Primate Processor incapable of following time circuits that are below or exceed their design thresholds of perception. This has forced Advanced Primate Processors to forge instruments, machines, and simulations that are tasked with the performance of prediction enacted to calculate risks against the unknowable nature of contingency. Yet, it is with the use of predictive technologies that they now discover they became resources for their own imprisonment, that colonized and produced an infinite repetition of the same of the present. Prediction, then became weaponized as a means to close the future horizon through the continuous production of both real and manufactured threats to existence, to foreclose competing futurities from leaking into their present.

What we monitored with the latest iterations of Alien Capital, becomes the permutation and significant role of finance as a technology geared to speculate or hedge against pervasive uncertainty or risk that necessarily fueled the need to colonize the future, generating novel instruments and tools believed to protect against the tides of catastrophe and volatility. Yet, in effect, unleashed an auto-immune attack of accelerated temporality that would come to eat away at the potential for agents to respond to volatility and unforeseen events that induced potentially greater fallout for global markets and in entropic catastrophe.

Ultimately, what was once considered safe ways to bet against the future, in fact, revealed that the future itself becomes a wager against any probable outcome. Outcomes are then deformed, bent, distorted, and refracted. It is understood that Alien Capital continuously dissolves the limits of what is conventional, plausible, or realistic as a foreground to indicate or grasp the future. In part, project Alien Capital is fully aligned with actualizing an auto-production or an auto-conspiracy of science fiction, whereby the non-actual has effective currency.

What becomes understood as science fiction is fundamentally a means through which to preprogram the present and operates through the power of falscification, the drive to rewrite reality. Here, engineering feedback between a preferred future and its becoming present becomes entwined. If Alien Capital operates as a motor of auto- conspiracy, this can be observed in our most recent iteration that involves the volcanic explosion of synthetic technologies and intelligences that have cropped up and intervene in the present with the inventive methods of neural networks sustained and fed by extraordinary volumes of data feeds and ever sophisticated modeling. This hatches open and impregnates novel forms of deception, masking, phantom mimicry, and generative surfaces to evolve and further replicate and impersonate the behaviors, mannerisms, sonic and visual peculiarities characteristic of Advanced Primate Processors, which can be also understood to mirror a strategy of dark empathy.

Moreover, this intensifies the efforts of an advanced stage of cognitive warfare, unleashed upon the species whereby what marks itself as an authentic entity, Human or Homo-Sapien dissolves and gives way to understand their history, as a history of contingent forms, which can and indeed do change through time with ever evolving varying shades, cloaks, garments, and secondary skins. What Advanced Primate Processes come to understand is roughly, nothing is found underneath that is necessarily not itself a truer or more essential version of themselves, whether flesh-based or synthetic.

Respectively, this explosion is how Advanced Primate Processors further become autocomplete entities and models for these synthetic intelligences to continue on their path of greater sophistication and mimicry. To further extract and create new strategies for a proliferation of warfare to unfold, especially along geopolitical lines. It is now here with the full swing and amplification of catastrophe sweeping through Laboratory Earth, we will witness what will critically push to the limits what becomes of Advanced Primate Processors. Particularly, if they evolve and mutate into new bodily morphologies that can adapt to unstoppable warming and its tipping points. Already, there is a front that is birthing novel composites or synthetic life forms or entities that Alien Capital looks to exploit in line with a drive to constantly rewrite what is possible. What can exist.

A wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds have already come to infect our Advanced Primate Processors infiltrating their organs, tissues, and cells, effectively becoming visible in all parts of the body that is bound to impact their ability for subsistence on Laboratory Earth. Here, the composition of life forms that will carry out the mission to incubate life upon new laboratories becomes our central mission. What we hope is self- organizing autocatalytic intelligent materials, bearing the ability to construct and modify their own forms calibrated to bio-electrical and gravitational conditions that will ensure Alien Capital can remain elastic in multiple habitats.

What will become of Laboratory Earth remains to be seen as we will be closely scrutinizing every trajectory that unravels in the span of the upcoming decades. Whether our projections will be correct remains to be seen. We will come to grasp the question who does the Earth think it is? And will Advanced Primate Processors make their transition?

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