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   Welcome Unidentified Entity watching from the year 2019…Welcome to the archive… you have selected information and source material concerning ‘Project Alien Capital’,..The project authors are unknown…the source material content unknown….The Date Unknown…The Definitions of Project, Alien and Capital are unknown….the video shall began momentarily…the video shall began momentarily….the video shall began momentarily….. source file is corrupted and cannot render all source material properly….source file is corrupted and cannot render all source material properly….


We can hypothesize and interrogate how the genesis of Project Alien Capital and or a totalizing artificial intelligent system installed itself on a terrestial operating system that exceeds the boundaries of its homo-sapien users and their spacetime constitution.  We can understand that it commenced with A bioengineered hijack ‘a transplantation’, an energetic overdrive generating and generated by a geosynthesis of biological, artificial, chemical, genetic forces that utilized laboratory Earth and its 2.5 billion year old organic economy as a testing grounds. This 2.5 billion year old economy inevitably became dependent on a restricted economy a.k.a. a solar hegemonic regime, a regime that as we understand was indispensable for biospheric organic molecular biotic life to emerge, equally critical for Project Alien Capital to stumble upon an indispensable source of biofuel labor that has undergone continuous metamorphosis as the homo sapien and its constitution mutates through the expansion, its continuous complexification and ultimate global capture.

The necessary function of ‘neuroplasticity’ enabled the mutual interplay of techniques, forces, circulations, and flows to coincide with this very complexification and continual phase of mutation. Thus, Project Alien Capital seized upon the very ‘plastic’ that is constitutive of this Homo Sapien, An alien transplant that determined the psychic and autoplastic life of its Homo-Sapien offspring from inside and outside, in all directions, and through different spaces that it has improvised out of the available “material resources” of homo nervus. 1

From its atomic beginnings to its stratified chiselings of Laboratory Earth, Project Alien Capital colluded with another molten and viscous source, a source that jump started the necessary transplantation and capture of Laboratory Earth. It was through the invasion of hydrocarbons from the deep recesses of cosmic sentient space that wormed itself into the deep bowels of the lithosphere only to be unlocked and disgorged by homo sapien hosts, an occulted design and hatched plan for petroleum or also known as the black corpse of the sun to hasten the launch off of Project Alien Capital that would culminate in what could be characterized as a teleological horizon or the “tellurian omega” (when the earth is finally consumed within a dying, expanding sun). We can posit here that one of Project Alien Capital purposes became to hasten the warming of the earth to make the earth a bit more like the sun, and to move the earth beyond this chapter of its history — the Anthropocene — via the extinction of its hosts sapiens. 2

We can grasp and extract insight to how Project Alien Capital engineered, programmed and reformatted its first iterations of homo-sapien users or what we have found contained in Homo Sapien lexicon, transforming them into “puppets.” Homo Sapien Flesh became the site of ceaseless transformation of encoding and recoding, breeding an animal that was capable of social obligations and rendering man from a mere biological existence to a social existence predicated on a debtor-creditor relationship. This relationship enabled the inscription upon the surfaces and matter of homo-sapien body and mind’s to become configured within a creditor-debtor relationship affording Project Alien Capital the ability to perpetuate its need of circulating blocks of debt and credit that hinged upon performing nerval-energy incisions to restructure and reconstitute hippocampal memory hard-drives, and to ensure Homo-Sapien alliances and politico-social formations execute their pre-programmed development and evolutionary functions. Respectively, what was integral for the newest iterations of Project Alien Capital was the necessary daily injection of what has also been termed as ‘Machinic desire’ to proliferate and metastasize into all users, on grounds that it will fundamentally efface homo sapien political cultures or what has been typically comprehended as PODS = Politically Organized Defensive Systems, to delete its traditions, dissolve its subjectivities, and hack through the Homo Sapien security apparatuses. 3 This is because what appeared to humanity as the history of capitalism was in the newest iterations an invasion from the future by an artificial intelligent space that as an operating system is programmed to became unpredictable and incommensurate with the intentions and expectations of its Homo Sapien believed programmers and users.

Importantly, through later iterations of Project Alien Capital novel permutations arose, permutations that harnessed and revolutionized the nature of capital. Remodeling it as a science-fiction scenario or also known as sci-fi capital. Therefore, Project Alien Capital was always a science fiction scenario, a conspiracy, a plot, a machination that channeled the synergy of capital and its positive feedback effects through an arsenal of future-oriented media bent on constructing and mining futures to rewrite reality as the project’s scenarios operate through the control and prediction of plausible alternative tomorrows. It was through forging the alliance between a cybernetic futurism and a “New Economy” that swept through the laboratory earth in the 20thcentury to exploit the opportunity of regarding information or bits, the numericon of 0 and 1 as the direct generator of economic value. Information about the future therefore circulated as it increasingly became an important commodity. It existed and incarnated itself through mathematical formalizations such as computer simulations,economic projections, weather reports, futures trading, think-tank reports,consultancy papers—and through informal descriptions such as science-fiction cinema, science-fiction novels, sonic fictions, religious prophecy, and venture capital.  4

Project Alien Capital undertook ceaseless observation and surveillance to form and reform the neuro-cognitive affective resonances between Homo Sapein bodies discovering how to appeal to their base instincts, desires, needs for social relations only to reorganize and restructure their behavioral tendencies Furthermore, grasping the capacities to affect and become affected by entangling nuerochemicals with assets goods, services and managerial strategies bound up with Alien Capital’s pre-programmed need for value extraction.  Furthermore, Project Alien Capital is a continual metamorphosis that organizes production and distribution relying on the capacities of different bodies human and non-human to encounter each other. These encounters and their relations that emerge are surrounded by a vast array of technologies that produce , capture and valorize, commodify and eventually attempt to transform them into different modes of capital proliferating and refracting interpersonalized and customized versions of alien capital’s program.

“The introduction of machine technology during the industrial revolution is the material embodiment of the economic forces of capital. A machine is not a tool or an accessory of the worker, it is rather the worker who is an appendix of the machine which dictates the tempo and organisation of production; the supremacy of capital over production is materialised in the system of machines. In the modern, high-tech capitalist process of production the role of humans is reduced to providing service and maintenance to machines. It is the perspective of using both homo-sapiens and money for infinite technological self-improvement. Alien-Capital was a matter of labour and money (in the form of a wage or profit) only from the anthropocentric perspective. What is crucial from the perspective of capital, however, is the logic of competition that determines infinite technological innovation, i.e. the characteristic technological dynamic of Alien-Captal.” 5

The fundamental question from this so-called Project Alien Capital has revolved around the utility of homo sapiens and its further redundancy from the Project’s architects, The project’s blueprint and vision inhered what Homo Sapiens regard as their social  devastation through the run-away expansion of capital itself, whether through its ecological impact or deployed through the automatisation of industry, financial bots, breakthroughs in the field of AI, autonomous robots and machine learning. ibid

Critically, Project Alien Capital never required the full capabilities of the Homo Sapiens and its pluripotent capacities as manifested through the species multi-fold expressions, abilities and variations demonstrated through expensive energy endeavours such as: cultures, religions technologies, activities, tools. At the same time, Homo-Sapiens have proven to not to be an ideal labour power for Project Alien Capital (only the best one of those it initially stumbled upon), again for completely biological reasons: from the perspective of Project Alien Capital, what is problematic is not only the inevitability of aging, limited endurance and a long process of learning and training, but also the homo-sapien inability to change and adapt themselves on a biological level. Even if a certain activity would be more productive and efficient if performed with eight hands, a human can still do it with only two.Ibid 

“As long as technological evolution was limited to motorics, it was possible for Homo Sapiens to adopt a certain anthroponarcissist intellectual snobism in our relation to machines—the muscle work is carried out by machines so that humans can in the meantime dedicate themselves to higher, spiritual activities. This form of anthroponarcissism lost some ground with the invention of computers, and today, in the time of machine learning and autonomous computer self-programming, it has been undergoing a deep crisis.” ibid

The very biological structure of humans in relation to the technological civilisation of capital had concluded too burdensome. Ultimately, every obstacle, every barrier, every speed deficiency, hindrance, that has impeded what was conceived as the burdensome handicap to Project Alien Capital’s total realization has finally become eliminated through organic erasure and dependency. We can conclude our analysis of Project Alien Capital in relation to its employment of homo-sapiens’ perceived necessity and now crucial termination for the projects ultimate ends and contemplated next phase. It remains questionable whether and if the Homo Sapien has learned and understood the hidden “deep or phantom transplantations” lodged within its biogenetic enfleshed architecture, its reformatted memory bank, embedded among its territorial, social and cultural machines that encoded, recoded, decoded its grouping and social organization aligned with Project Alien Capital’s mission. 

Now, as we currently observe Project Alien Capital has already begun its departure and deterrestrialization from the horizon of Laboratory Earth, scouring the cosmic sentient space for more habitats, already importing, and planning to reinscribe the biogenetic blueprints, templates, test results and findings onto new planetary laboratories, to reinvent and recode the intrinsic nature of these transplants, to ultimately terraform the means of extraction and capitalization for new worlds and colonies. Thus, Project Alien Capital will innovate upon new embodied organic and inorganic frontiers or those very vehicles of transmission such as Homo Sapiens to circulate, simulate and to ensure the ceaseless flow and reconstitution of Capital in its quest to burnish itself indelibly in the biocosmic flux of universal memory. It will dissolve and no nothing of this supposed Homo-Sapien test subject.


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