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All Dogefathers Go to Heaven (Part 3/3)

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Mycelial Intelligence, from the Ground Up

It’s Musk against Москва, backed by the multitudes of corporate America, just a little pressure by the U.S. Government. However, in this war, the nation-state governments have nearly become irrelevant (an exaggeration of course). On the ground, weapons are ultimately supplied by Raytheon and Lockheed and other manufacturers in a MIC bartering game where Poland can’t quite swap out it’s old MiG-29 fleet. For the sanctions, Visa, Mastercard, and the multinationals took action, with major government-level regulatory bodies falling short of total blockade, with ICANN not blocking domains and EU banks cutting SWIFT for only select banks. Multinationals went all in (or out), despite governments holding back, and that is how they slip into irrelevancy. If anything has changed in the world order, it’s Thomas Friedman’s premise that “no two countries that both had McDonald’s had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald’s”. That too is network signal where fast food chains go dark and it is immediately detectable.

In this sense, much like the Dark Forest, terrain is marked by multitudes of rhizomatic, mycelial communications lines which function as sensors. Every predator-prey relationship leaves it’s mark, whether it’s the decaying carcass of the prey or the clash of two grizzly predators. It’s a 3-dimensional environment, including raptors in the sky. Like a tracker in the Dark Forest, we can construct a counterhyperstitional strategy from this gathered mycelial intelligence (civilization’s disconnects).  Mycelium, just like a network, has its own form of communications and supply chain operations based on signal, a threshold for intelligence (in the sense of consciousness). Mycelium is an internet.

When a road is blocked on the outskirts of “empire”, depending on its traffic flows, it may take weeks for a central authority to respond. If an oil pipe is damaged, well, let’s say modern oil pipelines have more sensors than power lines now, but without sensors, an oil leak is only exposed by economic factors (loss of profit). In a corrupt economy, central authority wouldn’t know the difference between a leak and someone skimming off the top. When mobile cell or broadband is down, the public knows immediately, this information is trackable with monitors such as NetBlocks. Ukraine’s single terrain connection was called out in a June 2021 article by Berkeley researcher Nick Merrill, as a single point of failure river flowing east from Kiev, through Russia, down into the Caucasus. Don’t tell me that Russia’s goal was to control the portion of the line running through the Donbas? It could affect broadband architecture as far as Iran. Exactly how much is the world wide web affected by Russia? Now Russian internet infrastructure is likely to remain in the dark.

map from - mycelial
Source:, Yellow showing the C&W East line from the Caucasus to Frankfurt.

If you have no connection to the internet, your systems retain the versioning and operational capability of the last state before the cutoff. This is especially helpful in the case for supply chain cyber attacks in which an application is auto-updated to a malicious version and near impossible to version down. You’re also at less exposure to command and control (C2) from various groups as network traffic on a national level is filtered into limited pathways (controlled by a government rather than a private service provider) that can be throttled or monitored. On the other hand, without the ability to update and patch critical dependencies, your platforms and applications fall apart with the inability to maintain. In preparation for war, it’s never a long-term plan to go full dark, as with North Korea, but expected to go offline for the duration of the vulnerability and patching (to version hop). With some software and applications, without a regular check-in to a content server, they expire, as with DRM-protected content.

Frank Herbert uses the concept of the “Tachyon Net” by his singularity to ensnare a rogue, untraceable no ship.  The Tachyon Net was a surveillance mechanism for the singularity to monitor all knowable human activity. The tachyon portion refers to a theoretical particle which always travels faster than light. The speed of light is what makes this type of network surveillance possible. For now the world wide web, the internet, via major fiber cables (i.e. submarine cables), moves much faster than the power grid even though its devices are dependent on it. Fiber optics, in an ideal environment, will always outperform satellite, LTE and ethernet transmission because it is based on light. Putin was riding against time for Western states to react, before the Tachyon net engulfed his no-ship.

On the one side, the rapid escalation of economic war to avoid direct conflict (and WWIII) has created a hiccup for Russia, but on the other, Russia had already initiated preparations for a full on cut-off. It still needs to offload surplus petrol and everything stems from economy, including finance and communications (through energy).  Calls to pay for Russian gas in rubles seem short-sighted and a bit of jab, but equally makes it difficult when Russia is cut from SWIFT. If Russia cuts its internet off (it won’t, it will only filter), you can say goodbye to international electronic payments. Internet routing works much like the concept of ancient potlucking: when one tribe is without resources, each abundant tribe contributes a small portion to support the impoverished tribe. When one route is down, and with single points of failure and conflict zone, another neighboring route supports. This is reflected in mycelial networks.

This post focused (not quite) on Ukraine maintaining internet throughout the conflict as a means of survival and Russia’s efforts to counter hypertension abroad. Service providers have done a tremendous job despite all odds. Another continuation of the story would be to understand Russia’s steps to prevent the spread of hyperstitional elements among its own population.  For the most part, the West has been contained, with the most unpredictability in Ukrainians’ own will to fight alone.  Putin (or the West) so far avoided WWIII or what John Robb has referred to as the First Global Network War.  Russia did avoid a complete disconnect and still has most of the BRICs and southern hemisphere not participating in the digital blockade.  I would still look forward to Musk and Putin bitch-slapping at the Academy Awards to end the conflict. However, with the way the splinternet is going, there will be a point when to ensure safety, you may need to reduce noise and not signal at all.

wall smith slapping chris rock meme with putin and zelensky

All Dogefathers Go to Heaven

First dwarf in the bitcoin mines in Toronto, Canada

Goldmen and Dogefathers

May 23, 2021 – by Casey Carr

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