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Asymmetry is Strategy & SiA part 3

Asymmetry is Strategy & SiA, Part 3 / 3

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by Aleš Čermák


In a short story by A. C. Clarke, Tibetan monks hire calculation process experts to list all God’s names. When they complete their task and the prophecy of the end is fulfilled, the technicians get on their way back down the valley while the stars are going out one by one. In other words, technology has calculated the end ahead of time.
We have a single option of challenging the manifested reality of war by admitting its illusory quality, reverting the scheme and becoming xeno-agents.
[The first method for constructing the real world][1]= (822)[2]
[Symmetrical overlap between two entities] ≈ (784). Opening and unfolding a neural network through various points of view of a single particular object. Extracting a dynamic part – [instability] from the originally coherent mixture. Retaining the flow and behavior of matter. Overlapping means reliably deceiving (not only a neural network).
Adversarial examples[3] – a practical problem of all systems existing in the real world.
[A lack of transmissibility]
Samples of input data are slightly modified in a way that is intended to cause a machine learning classifier[4] to misclassify them. From another point of view, it could be perceived as a form of strategic overlapping (which, however, represents a much bigger issue in real systems than originally expected).  Overlapping enables migration through several tissues of matter and reorganization of patterns within the system. [Morphology of arms] By reorganizing smallest specks of dust → [generative blocks] → a battle line of Von Neumann architecture will be formed. The slightest change taking place on the verge of perceptibility. Change which encompasses particles of various forms of movement – future interactions and cohesions. The change represents infinite darkness in the form of a rolling mass of dust – without a clear direction. It was said a long time ago that dust is the master of collective insurgencies. [Method of radical transformation]. There is no narrative line – and that is good.
[3D-printed turtle that is classified at every viewpoint as a “rifle” ][5]  & Baseball = espresso = latent form for recreation.
Asymmetry is Strategy & SiA part 3
[Adversarial = (209) = Choronzon][6]is known under many different names. Generator of spiritual white noise; abundant source of energy. Lord of hallucination. Demon. Xeno-demon. Individual human subject. Shows morphological anomalies and peculiarities that distinguish him from others. All radical xeno-demons have their own schemes; they are always defined by an anomalous scheme – a diagram on the basis of which their bodies – their position and arrangement of organs – are presented and recomposed.
Asymmetry is Strategy & SiA part 3
The human defense mechanism is the most consistent entity on the planet whose paranoia is able to grasp and identify any contact. When this paranoid consistency reaches autonomy, it becomes mercilessly schizoid in that it passively opens up to an unknown external threat or the arrival of a xeno-agent.[7]
The anthropomorphic but also any other (security) system is a Pandora’s box of undetected diseases that emerge out of a consistent resistance to external invasions on the one hand while consistently escalating invasion on the other hand. In this respect, the (security) system of (not only humans) is a project of the intensity of the conflict between the xeno-agent and the system which registers new undefined blows mapped on the external boundaries of the demon.
The demon is infected by an entity that takes a wide range of insurgencies out of the system. The evil-doer of xeno-excitation, cosmic disease, occurs when maximum capacity is reached and the security system of the anthropomorphic agency starts cracking, trying to survive at all costs, which causes a wide range of infectious activities.
All exciting schizoid processes, able to attract the merciless invasion of xeno-particles, take place on the border of identity and its regimes which painfully oppose the malevolent force.

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