Catastrophe Time w/Gary Zhexi Zhang

We speak with Gary Zhexi Zhang concerning the nature of financial forecasting, calendar systems, catastrophe modelling, and financial worlding.

Gary Zhexi Zhang is an artist and writer. His current projects explore financial fictions, weird temporalities and catastrophe. A recent body of work, Cycle 25, documented events that shape the boundaries between speculative belief and the material world, like natural disasters, scam nations and cosmic economies. As a researcher, he has held fellowships at the Berggruen Institute in L.A. and Sakiya – Art Science Agriculture in Ramallah. He is a co-founder of design studio Foreign Objects, which was incubated at NEW INC and received the Mozilla Creative Media Award. He has written for various magazines and journals, taught art and design classes at Goldsmith’s and Parsons, and sometimes works as a “strategist”. Books and chapters include Against Reduction: Designing a Human Future with Machines (MIT Press, 2021) and Catastrophe Time! (Strange Attractor Press, forthcoming)


We speak with Justin Joque concerning Cyberwarfare, SQL Injections and their relation to Derrida and Deleuze. Additionally, we focus on his new work Revolutionary Mathematics tracing the genealogy of statistics, the role of Bayesianism and the potential constructive counter-possibilities and strategies that shift the dominant course of Machine Learning.

Justin Joque researches philosophy, technology and media and is the visualization librarian at the University of Michigan. He is the author of Revolutionary Mathematics: Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, and the Logic of Capitalism (Verso 2022) and previously Deconstruction Machines: Writing in the Age of Cyberwar (University of Minnesota Press, 2018)