Affordance, Actionability and the Gamic Medium

This piece was written for the Beyond the Gaming Principle – User at Work conference, hosted 17 February 2022 at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts (


Moment 1: “[February 9, 2022] French video games giant Ubisoft has teamed up with the The Sandbox metaverse platform in the latest sign of the fusion between game development and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). […] However, gamers are grappling with NFTs’ place in video games, with some pushing back because they believe it represents a new form of monetisation which could be predatory, or even ruin the game experience if abused.”[1]

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Standing Stone: Kinship


seldom stand by the road

Save when kinsman honors his kin.


Runic writing first appeared in the second century AD in the Germanic parts of continental Europe. It was initially used to adorn various status objects, such as brooches, helms, or spearheads, the oldest datable runic find being a comb with the legend harja (ᚺᚨᚱᛃᚨ) dating to 160 ADfound in the Vimose bog on the Danish island of Funen.[1]

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Music and Language in Cultural Criticism: A Non-Philosophical Approach

Image creds: Darya Kulbashna

The essay investigates the instances of cultural criticism that involve both language and music. It argues that since there is an undeniable connection between philosophy and criticism, the latter acquires the characteristic features of philosophy, some of which can be problematic in the context of parallel discussion of music and language. The essay concentrates on the proliferation of binaries and hierarchies in both philosophy and criticism and attempts to counter them with the help of Laruellean non-philosophy.

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Wyrdpatchworkshop I-IV: Towards the Temporary Augmented Reality Zone

This essay constitutes fallout from the Wyrdpatchworkshops (WPWS), a series of encounters which took place in the Winter and Spring of 2018/2019 in Punctum Krásovka in Prague. The structural definition is as follows: the WPWS was a socio-technical assemblage through which drives and intensities were run. 

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