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1.1 Introduction 

Make ██████ Green Again (M█GA) calls for a return of ██████ to the rainforest. It follows the call made by the Internationalist Commune and social ecological movements to Make Rojava Green Again and to make many more Rojavas. M*GA seeks to remove any nationalist or regional exceptionalism and generalized superlatives separating itself from post-Trumpian politics where climate change mitigation is considered an inconvenience for corporations.  It carries on the algorithmic grey zone of Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto in becoming with the human, animal, plant and machine in stating: We are not robots, we are greater than the sum of its [robot] parts.  We reject the Green Revolution for Green Accelerationism, or any third, fourth or fifth generation agricultural revolutions. In so doing, we maintain deeply adaptive and dark ecological principles by restricting agriculture and logistics within the term agrilogistics, an algorithm “that has been running without much change–only upgrades to more intense versions of itself–since about 10,000 BC, when it began at the start of the (warmer) Holocene”. This manifesto answers William James’ 1910 Moral Equivalent of War by subverting thousands of years of martial and agrilogistic programming which built the foundations for our 300-year accelerated hegemony of consumer-capitalist-postcolonial production (military-industrial complex). It calls for a fusion of two of MIT’s already existing initiatives: Social Physics and Open Agriculture (OpenAg), where one begins to build environmental controls and interfaces that incentivize human, animal, plant and machine (pan-organism) interaction for open cooperation rather than siloed, closed-circuit competition.  Make ██████ Green Again calls for a billion (*)man green Basij working in a patchwork of ecological rather than agrilogistical frameworks to regenerate many more ██████s.

1.2 Make Seattle Great Again


In Spring 2019, over 4000 ██████ employees leveraged stakeholder rights to urge their respective corporation to develop and make public a sustainability plan in line with ongoing calls for companies to take action over climate change.  The movement was considered one of the “largest employee-driven movement on climate change to take place in the influential tech industry” and echoed similar 2018 calls within other multinationals, such as ██████, where employees challenged the company’s handling of sexual harassment cases involving higher-ups. In an open letter to the CEO, employees wrote:

██████ has the resources and scale to spark the world’s imagination and redefine what is possible and necessary to address the climate crisis. We believe this is a historic opportunity for ██████ to stand with employees and signal to the world that we’re ready to be a climate leader.

Unfortunately, 2019 action was shot back during a board decision and no direction to follow through on a sustainability plan was [publicly] taken. In fact, ██████ closed further deals with major oil and gas companies to find smart, cloud solutions for the petroleum business. To be balanced, the company has developed internal sustainability goals and reacts to every call for transparency, albeit publicly declaring “No” until September 2019. In response to the above open letter, the CEO announced the program Shipment Zero and declared the intention to make the sustainability goals transparent.  Also in April, ██████ announced the opening of three new wind farms[1] in Texas. It may be that the company itself, fractured and decentralized due to such rapid growth and expansion, has only failed to win the hearts and minds of employees in Seattle and those in the far corners of Eastern Europe.  The internal struggle initiated from within its flagship, the same city which sustained the 1999 WTO Protests, dubbed “The Battle of Seattle”, continues with a declaration of solidarity with #FridaysForFuture.


The latest demonstration[2] on 20 September, was expected to mark the “first time in ██████’s 25-year history that workers at its Seattle headquarters have walked off the job.”  Seattle employees hoped to encourage European workers to join them, a region more viable for strike culture due to protective labor laws and more active for sustained environmentalist protests. The evidence laid out by the organizers of the protest is mounting up, as various deals courting petroleum industry and lobbyists continue being made by company representatives. In a July 2019 speech, #FridaysForFuture activist Greta Thunberg has said “The biggest danger is not being inactive, it’s when politicians and companies pretend to be doing something”[3] calling out this kind of “give with one hand and take from the other” behavior which does not add up to net emissions. Unfortunately.  On the night before the announced global climate strike, ██████ announced its new Climate Pledge,[4] to meet the Paris agreement 10 years early and encourages other major corporations to follow suit. Still disgruntled employees in Seattle declared it not enough.[5] On the other hand, a prior environmental group challenged ██████’s use of plastic mailers asking the company to encourage “consumer to recycle plastic mailers by providing more education.”[6]


As early as 2014, Greenpeace started taking up calls against ██████ with a report criticizing emissions of major companies.[7] Quite bluntly, the report claimed ██████Web Services to be one of the “the dirtiest and least transparent companies in the sector, far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder.” Also, with regards to where *WS sources its energy to power its vast clouded infrastructure.  In 2019, during one of ██████’s major sales events, █████ Day, Greenpeace activists attended a site in Germany, camped on the roof for three days and brought in a crane to post the sign “Für den Tonne” referring to the practice of expired product destruction, while subverting the sales hashtag to #██████crime on Twitter. Greenpeace is asking the German government for a resource protection law.[8]  Just prior, environmentalist groups in France blocked three locations in order to prevent the expansion of new sites in 2020.[9]  The struggle went as far back as November 2018, where environmentalist groups also targeted a key sales day: Black Friday.[10]

All while the ██████ rainforest burned during August 2019, hashtags calling out “The Wrong ██████ is Burning” spread across social media. Developers even created a Chrome Browser extension by the same title, covered in a Vice news article.[11]  Whenever the user goes to ██████.com sites, a nostalgic pixelated flame climbs up the screen and encourages users to donate to the rainforest efforts. Trolls compared the burning of the forest to the burning of Notre Dame, earlier in 2019, showing the hypocrisy of how quickly money poured in for support of the cathedral’s restoration. France experienced an interesting year indeed, with the political circus at Biarritz for the G7 in August. It doesn’t matter how woke or misrepresented reactions to these juxtaposed doppelgängers are, activists are calling for responsibility. Burning a rainforest has consequences. Disposing of millions of vendors’ expired products in storage by simply destroying or continuing to rely on fossil fuel for energy is irresponsible. 

Image: User @baabaaer calling “to make ██████ green again”

«Make ██████ie green again»

L’annonce prend aussi à revers l’ensemble des partis de gauche et les écologistes qui s’opposaient jusqu’alors au Mercosur. Et permet à Emmanuel Macron de revêtir son costume de « champion de la Terre » sur la scène nationale au moment où la défense de l’environnement s’impose parmi les préoccupations des Français. Lorsque le titre lui avait été décerné en septembre 2018 à New York, à l’occasion de la deuxième édition du One Planet Summit, il lui avait surtout valu quolibets et moqueries. L’ONU voulait alors récompenser son action en faveur du climat, notamment dans la foulée du « Make our planet great again » lancé à Donald Trump après son retrait de l’accord de Paris. À Biarritz, ce sera plutôt : « Make ██████ie green again ».[12]

Image: User @malikthepugexplorer meme calling to “MAKE ██████ GREEN AGAIN” featuring hashtags #MGA #MAKE██████GREENAGAIN #brazil #climatechange #deforestation #motherearth #greenpeacefoundation #earthjustice 
Source: Instagram

1.3 Make [*] Great Again

Similar calls to make [*] green again have existed as far back as the reaction to Trump’s most known campaign slogan for calling to Make America Great Again in 2016, which draws from Reagan’s line “Let’s make America great again” in his 1980 campaign. Opponents and parodies already started denationalizing the slogan as Make Earth Great Again, including the Slovenian metal band Laibach who composed “Let’s Make Earth Great Again” to accompany the soundtrack for Vuorensola’s latest Iron Sky sequel in 2019, with a plot involving Moon Nazis who made the earth inhospitable through nuclear fallout and featuring a resurrected Hitler riding on top of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ironically, the intention of ██████’s and ██████’s CEOs to set up a moon base has had similar reactions by opponents, referring to the battle for the dark side of moon.[13] 

The last step is reverting the Great with Green. A U.S. online retailer, The Resistance, started offering parody hats colored green with the line “Make America Green Again.”[14] Throughout the Gilets Jaunes movement during the Winter of 2018-2019, calls to Make France Green Again (MFGA) were made.[15] Now disassociating further between the Gilets Jaunes camps and environmentalist platforms in France (although not lacking any of the GJ subvertizing efforts complete with a Macron mockup as the Green Lantern), the movement MFGA has built out an ambitious commitment plan of 13 points:

  1. Tax on financial transactions
  2. Development of renewable energies
  3. Negative emissions
  4. Reduction of CO2 emissions vehicles
  5. Reassess agricultural and food model
  6. Mobility and freight
  7. Road and air infrastructures
  8. Carbon-based taxation
  9. Energy-efficient housing
  10. Closure of nuclear plants
  11. Ban on the exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels
  12. Social impacts of the transition
  13. Follow-up of French climate policies
Image: #MakeFranceGreenAgain website bannerSource: Instagram


What these measures insist upon is adequate reforms to how we meet climate and sustainability goals, all leading to a tax-heavy, zero emissions, ecosocialist European-style government set to increase efficiency of each carbon-contributing individual and corporation. The demands are near in line with UK-based Extinction Rebellion’s: 1) Governments must tell the truth regarding climate change, 2) Government must act now to enforce net zero emissions by 2025, and 3) Government must make a Citizen’s Assembly to address climate change and justice.[16] It should be noted this last point was called also by the Gilets Jaunes movements with a poll finding 80% of the French were in favor of the référendum d’initiative citoyenne (R.I.C.).[17] These movements are all asking for more direct democracy in order to force the governments’ hand into enacting climate change and sustainability requirements for all. Why not throw money at it?

The most known “Make * Green Again” campaign came out of all the least likely places: the ongoing conflict in Syria. By 2018, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava initiated the Make Rojava Green Again movement[18] in collaboration with Debbie Bookchin, after a failed Rojava Plan centered around decentralized, people- and small tech-oriented solutions for food security and community sovereignty. A little green book was published in order to spread the word about Rojava and included an introduction from the daughter of Murray Bookchin, the prophet of democratic confederalism brought to the Kurds by Abdullah Ocalan. The book calls on democratic confederalists (and anarchists) around the world to “create two, three, many Rojavas!” and thus a grassroots, non-governmental approach to outlining their template for rebuilding the Fertile Crescent following such devastating warfare was outlined by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. In taking up Ocalan’s organizational calls, the Internationalist Commune, puts women’s liberation and social ecology at the forefront. 

2.1 Make Accelerationism Great Again


All throughout history, anarchists have always been at war with fascists.  For the first time since World War II however, fascists and anarchists, the deep and hardcore ones, are starting to converge ecological camps. Ecofascism has made a return from the underground since the mention of various environmentalist points in the 2019 Christchurch shooters manifesto,[19] widely shared across 8chan prior to the rampage. Additionally, ecofascist tenets were held by the 2019 El Paso shooter as well, who also named his own manifesto “An Inconvenient Truth” in reference to Al Gore’s documentary on climate change, and stated “corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources”. It’s not the first time for such convergence, as conservatives in the American past were also considered environmentalists (or conservationists), such as Theodore Roosevelt, who helped create the first National Park in 1872. Some of the same mentalities in conservatism today, however, justify clearing forests for timber to prevent forest fires and killing off game in order to help it flourish. In addition to eco-fascist tenets, the Christchurch shooter introduced to conservatives alike a Landesque version of “accelerationism,” or right accelerationism (R/Acc).  

What occurred in the ██████ rainforest in August 2019 was a similarly accelerationist phenomenon. Just like killing off game with the mindset that the hunter is helping the herd by preventing weak genes to continue through, setting fire to vast tracts of rainforest accelerates the “enrichment” of the soil, unfortunately only from the agrologistic perspective. What r/Accelerationists risk in helping along a natural process is hitting a tipping point which can throw an entire ecosystem out of balance for decades or hundreds of years (for example like in the case of the extinction of wolves from Yellowstone National Park). In our current state of impending doom, no conservative acknowledges that our current methods of accelerating systems via technology, and primarily resource extraction, can have an impact for all futures. Every action has a consequence, even if the media blows it up.


Likewise, Srnicek and Williams’ Left Accelerationism (L/Acc) also challenges labor syndicalist approaches that can even be “as oppressive and environmentally damaging as any large-scale business.”[20]  Furthermore, along the lines of agrologistic thinking, collective decisions on local food production and distribution with sound arguments can be counterproductive, like in the case of organic-food marked products.[21] It’s as if being Green Woke, or even the corporate answer of Green Logistics, can compound the issue. Is there such a strategy as Green Logistics if a company is set on using a fleet of electric-powered barges transporting crude oil, charging up at ports in Dammam or Jubail in Saudi Arabia, where energy production in is most likely from fossil fuels anyway? Srnicek and Williams do address some similar environmentally-challenging conundrums, such as the net emissions of growing agriculture for English stomachs in New Zealand being lower than using artificial light to grow the same produce in the UK. Agrologistics takes a dual hemisphere model of efficiency[22] with growing seasons augmented by mirrored worlds below the equator and with the Southern Hemisphere containing nearly 10% of humanity. Why can’t we just transport the English to some small continent-sized island to live out the rest of their lives grazing? Imagine if we sent them all to Mars? Srnicek and Williams state “logistics therefore presents an important transition technology between capitalism and postcapitalism”[23] and that the future of logistics may be impacted more by strikes coming from “programmers and IT technicians” than blockades in the transport hubs and ports.[24] That’s exactly why a climate strike in Seattle by 1000 people can echo louder through global trade than 10,000 people per each major city across Europe.

All this talk of accelerationism brings us to a new /Acc acronym. Green/Acc for Green Accelerationism. Reddit users and bloggers alike bounced the term around prior to 2016, including eco-accelerationism in 2019, yet a key definition is lacking. Tumbler user @baroquespiral outlined 7 principles for Green Accelerationism,[25] though no feedback came through on Reddit:

  1. Climate change is irreversible
  2. Climate change is not a crisis based on scarcity or depletion of resources for consumption
  3. In a non-orthogonal, unconditional sense, all of this (the Anthropocene, the formation of radically new systems of energy circulation) will inevitably happen regardless of our efforts. The goals of “Green Accelerationist” praxis, therefore, should be understood in strictly political terms
  4. Technical development as a form of praxis must not be allowed to be monopolized by existing institutions such as corporations, universities and governments, which determine its current “political” character
  5. Green Accelerationism should be distinguished from naive ecomodernism, not only in its radical approach to the specific conditions of technical development, but in adopting a general critique of extractivism
  6. Green Accelerationism should strive not only for interdependence but independence and the right to exit, not only for humans or an economic or national elite but for as many living beings as possible
  7. The category of “ecology” resolves the antinomy of “praxis” and “anti-praxis” posed by the Unconditional Accelerationists.

While Green/Acc is completely focused on praxis, what remains key to differentiate from accelerationisms, and in line with the reddit conversation on the topic is the importance of living beings to the “ecology” of a system. Life must always be upheld in every accelerationist process, and not just human life but all life, as in the tenets of bio-cosmism. However, the acceleration of a life remains death, the acceleration of all life is infinity. If the political left and right can agree on one thing across Green Accelerationism, it is that they both wish to preserve life by interventionist means. The left want to elect a god to determine life and death and the right want to be their own gods to be able to die and live on their own. In Green accelerationism, no single body is allowed to monopolize the technical development (therefore must be open-sourced). If you don’t like it you can leave. Except you can’t.


If we are to develop a technical praxis for achieving a green planet, then the solutions on the table for now by all the preceding groups is zero net emissions. For accelerating this, I would additionally draw from Zero/Accelerationism or Z/Acc, as outlined by Meta-Nomad,[26] providing a possible equation for the subversion of current existing capitalist systems based on Waste production. Meta-Nomad draws from John Greer’s “How Civilizations Fall: A Theory of Catabolic Collapse”[27]calling it an initial primer of Z/Acc on its own. Greer analyzes J.A. Tainter’s theory of civilizational collapse with the notion that civilizations that reach a certain level of complexity start to decline. This leads to the supposition that some degree of simplifying or decomplexifying parts of society can be beneficial to a civilization in decline. To quantify the phases of civilization, Greer spells out a simple formula for defining steady state and dynamic societies:

Capital(production) = Waste(production) + Waste(capital) –> steady state (or SSv1) and for the next phase:

SSv2 = [Capital(production) = Maintenable(production)]

Considering how much waste is involved in agrologistic operations is key to understanding the sustainability of a system. The main callouts against ██████ in 2019 involved its waste disposal programs, not to mention its carbon footprint.  But capital always has it way, how are we to avoid a capitalist technical solution? Meta-Nomad so adequately states:

The tendrils of future capital are hitting against unexpected d(R) [depletion of Resources], fucking humans and their robotic Santa toys. [Systems of] Capital is generally ignorant of the finite. And so a proposal would be to retain humanity within smaller and smaller microcosms of M(p) [Maintainable Production] as a means to have greater control over d(R) and W [Waste]. Z/Acc is the reset button, except pressing it to completion takes roughly 250-1000 years

And the new demands for the company are zeros across the board:[28]

  1. Zero emissions by 2030:
    Pilot electric vehicles first in communities most impacted by our pollution
  2. Zero custom ██████ Web Services (*WS) contracts for fossil fuel companies to accelerate oil and gas extraction
  3. Zero funding for climate denying lobbyists and politicians

Initiating a pseudo-attempt at achieving this via the program Shipment Zero. As stated, 

Shipment Zero, has only committed to reducing 50% of its shipments to net zero by 2030. And even that 50% does not necessarily mean a decrease in emissions compared to current levels: given ██████’s rate of growth, 50% net-zero shipments in 2030 could still be an increase in emissions compared to today.[29] 

The struggle to accelerate ██████ will continue to be baseless so long as full accountability of waste is not in place.

3.1 Make Revolution Green Again


Is Green Accelerationism simply a return to the 1960s interventionist program of the Green Revolution? No. At the center of Green Accelerationism is considering all living beings within a given ecology. The Green Revolution favors high yields crops and monocultures resistant to diseases at the time the crops were genetically modified. Had the bacteria in the soil been considered at the beginning of the Green Revolution, we wouldn’t have superbugs resistant to pesticides today (albeit the Red Queen may argue differently). While the Green Revolution helped mass populations in the Global South to grow, they also depleted the next generations of nutrients and soil ecosystems to come. Green Accelerationism would accelerate all processes of an ecosystem. It might start by abolishing terms like agriculture and agronomy altogether.  These words are based on fields, the greek root of agros-, and in Green Accelerationism, fields will only remain for technical vocabulary. Psytrance artists have used more accurate terms for what Green Accelerationism is to bring about with whole ecosystems contributing to a minimal waste, net-zero porous loop system, such as Digital Forests. Forest gardens must be the revolution. 

3.2 Make Green Open-source Again

In the 17th century, Gerrard Winstanley similarly subverted English public land for the repurposing of gardening. His followers formed a society known as the Diggers. Today the act of planting and gardening public lands is called Guerrilla Gardening (GG). GG takes space from public domain and repurposes for the betterment of the local community, which can reap direct benefits. Suburban America favored trees that were easy to maintain and had straight-down root systems that didn’t break up the sidewalk cement. That’s nice. Medieval forests were exploited for timber before the Lords realized that some timber is better for building and takes much longer to grow. Landowners regulated the land and prohibited the cutting down of certain trees. First, the diverse forests were replaced with poplars and birches, which grow fast, but are horrible for firewood and building. Pines everywhere replaced beeches. Pines all went down in a single blight of Pine Beetle affliction and replaced by Fir. When will authorities realize that planting trees of diverse species builds a resilient system, but costs more time and money?

Two solutions may merge to help regulate these environments better. If they can recover for Jeffrey Epstein’s support, MIT has sponsored programs that monitor environments. The first is of people and follow Alex Pentiland’s concept of Social Physics. Simply put, this monitors your mobile data but not for the purpose of marketing, but instead for researching and influencing social networks. The second is all about plants. Open Agriculture Initiative, or OpenAg, creates a Hermetically-sealed regulation of a plant’s ideal environment, void of people besides the initial builder of the Food Computer.[30] The Food Computer is comprised of a completely open-source framework of technical devices, such as Raspberry Pi and sensors. I’ve never seen a plant enjoy isolation and solitude so much.

Social Physics and sociology focus on human-to-human interactions and OpenAg focuses on a hands-off, automatic approach to environment shaping. Neither alone suffice to develop and create the integral ecological environment required for sustainability and development.

MAGA combines MIT’s programs of Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg) and Social Physics, or aptly coined Social Ecological OpenAg. One begins to build Food Computers that require human and animal, pan-organic interaction. The Food Computer is a closed loop system, however what every permaculturalist or forest gardener knows, is to start small. Loam is not built in a day. Permaculture requires this slow start initiative from the base, starting with soil health.  Only after establishing a vibrant and living soil structure, only then can planting begin. The move toward the Food Computer, hydroponics and vertical farming is reductionist. Albeit it’s a valid attempt toward net emission, it’s short of holistic scope and damaging to the overall environment and space. Plants and animals can and do learn to adapt to new spaces.

3.3 Make Neolithic Revolutionary Again

Even the notorious Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) claims that organisms seek out an adequate ownership of space, in the sense of lebensraum, once basic needs of survival have been obtained. The initial territorialization. Fortunately, there is some overlap between Bronze Age Pervert and Murray Bookchin, in the concept of “participatory evolution.”[31] While the Bronze Age Mindset provides a manifesto calling for a rejection of civilization, it should not be considered a solution in whole. What it does succeed in outlining is the only rational choice for worldwide conservatism: a return to pre-civilizational life. Otherwise, choose technology.

M*GA seeks both.

Humans have evolved to fetishize categorization and organization of space. They make lists, just as Umberto Eco has stated: “The list is the origin of culture.”[32] In his Infinity of Lists, Eco also states that lists of territories and rivers are one mechanism of imperial control. For the ██████, a list can be the hundred names of single-breasted warriors: 

Hippolyta, Aella, Philippis, Prothoe, Eriboea, Celaeno, Eurybia, Phoebe, Deianeira, Asteria, Marpe, Tecmessa, Alcippe…

The thousands of species living side by side in the rainforests today:

Piperales, Campanulales, Aristolochiales, Theales, Linales, Malvales, Geraniales, Lecythidales, Polygalales, Santalales, Proteales, Dipsacales, Plumbaginales, Rubiales, Violales, Euphorbiales, Laurales, Cucurbitales, Ebenales, Celastrales, Myrtales, Sapindales, Sterales, Magnoliales, Capparales, Apiales, Gentianales, Rosales. Primulales, Rhamnales, Urticales, Solanales, Scrophulariales, Lamiales, Nepenthales, Ranunculales, Polygonales, Podostemales, Fabales, Caryophyllales, Fagales…

And millions of product lists you can find on sale today:

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: was $99 now just $39, Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: was $99 now just $45, SanDisk 1TB External SSD: was $349 now just $136, Dell U3417W 34-inch monitor: was $899 now just $648, Dell Ultrasharp U2417 monitor: was $219 now just $199, Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE wireless ANC headphones: was $199 now just $99, Acer KG281 28-inch monitor: was $349 now just $310, Samsung T5 Portable SSD (1TB): was $249 now just $149, HP 27f IPS monitor: was $249 now just $149……

Lined up like a bundle of sticks, a fasces.  

As Bookchin remarks

every society projects its own perception of itself onto nature, whether as a tribal cosmos that is rooted in kinship communities, a feudal cosmos that originates in and underpins a strict hierarchy of rights and duties [or] a corporate cosmos diagrammed in flow charts, feedback systems, and hierarchies that mirror the operational systems of modern corporate society.[33]

 Thus the final section is devoted to my perception of the future of nature.

4.1 Make ██████ Green Again

The folk etymology of ██████ is quite trivial, derived from the Ancient Greek word used for the mythical tribe of female warriors in the land just north of the Black Sea. A recent Mental Floss article takes an all too common understanding of the word to mean, “without breasts” (literally a- mazos, see mastectomy)[34] which is said to carry over to the rainforest and river by the same name during the 16th century by Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana.[35]

The demands by the now 8000 employees are:

  • Public goals and timelines consistent with science and the IPCC report [23]. Emissions must be cut in half by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach zero by 2050. Goals must span all organizations and businesses, and cover the full supply chain.
  • A complete transition away from fossil fuels rather than relying on carbon offsets.
  • Prioritization of climate impact when making business decisions, including ending all custom solutions specifically designed for oil and gas extraction and exploration.
  • Reduction of harm to the most vulnerable communities first. The pollution we generate is not equally distributed, and climate impact will be felt first and hardest by Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, particularly in the Global South. We must prioritize our pollution reduction in these communities.
  • Advocacy for local, federal, and international policies that reduce overall carbon emissions in line with the IPCC report and withholding of support from policy makers who delay action on climate change.
  • Fair treatment of all employees during climate disruptions and extreme weather events.[36]

But will this be sufficient to rebuild the rainforest(s)? Or will this demand slip back into the dark crevices at the heart of woke privilege? Does fair treatment of employees during climate disruption involve the allowance of adequate time for five prayers a day? Let’s face it, the Global South doesn’t have an inclusion policy for non-humans.  

In contrast, what we propose is an acceleration on the theme of M*GA, in all its facets. Not only Rojava, not only the Rainforests. Make the Sahara Great Again. Make Petroleum Great Again. Make whatever it is you want Great or Green or Revolutionary Again. Just revere it. M*GA in this sense is also a form of fascism, but a fascism to end all fascisms, because it doesn’t have boundaries or hierarchies of organisms. Classifications and lists of lists of lists.  

Make ██████ Green Again calls for a billion (*)man green Basij working in a patchwork of ecological rather than agrologistical frameworks to regenerate many more ██████s. This is nothing short of a kind of Green Leviathan, in the Hobbesian sense. And while life can be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, it should always be upheld in every sense – whether it’s a mushroom at the end of the world or the plethora of endangered species in the rainforest today.  

Similar calls to terraform entire lifeforms on plants isn’t unfamiliar to the Dune universe. In attempting to terraform the planet Arrakis in the vision of Liet Kynes, who also recognized that the best tools for planetologists were human beings,[37]the life of a particular organism central to the planet’s spice production was in question with more water coming into circulation on the planet. Murray Bookchin called for humans to be “active agents in the biosphere” and not retreat into “passive animism,”[38] something which the neolithic mindset maintained. Bookchin supported any ecotechnology so long as its end goal was not food production and consumption, but also an enrichment to the soil. An Ecotechnology must stand against “gigantism, waste, and mass destruction” of the environment and technology designed purely for profit. [39]  ██████ has made great progress in turning logistics, and thereby agrologistics, on its head and claims to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company,” however, it has failed to address every creature under its vast ecosystem. If its current growth continues, without addressing its subsistence on consumer capitalism there won’t be any customers left. With Green Logistics[40]and Green Algorithms[41] to make cloud computing more efficient and thereby less energy-consuming, new possibilities are on the horizon. What if, however, Green Logistics sought also to reduce the net emissions of its end users? Oddly enough, two of the first products to be delivered by drone was a bottle of water and a banana. What Liet Kynes calls for in his son’s desert vision is nothing short:

We must do a thing on Arrakis never before attempted for an entire planet,” his father said. “We must use man as a constructive ecological force–inserting adapted terraform life: a plant here, an animal there, a man in that place–to transform the water cycle, to build a new kind of landscape. 

Liet Kynes vision of his father, Pardot Kynes, in the desert, Dune [42]

This essay was first published in Speculative Ecologies: Plotting Through the Mesh (Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2019).

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