Memory Algorithms: Duolingo as a Platform for Second Language Acquisition

The Duolingo mobile app provides a particular case study for encountering the overlap between symbolic and machine language systems in SLA (Second Language Acquisition). Although Duolingo is built upon both natural language as a trésure des significant,[1] as well as the syntactical system of machine code which underwrites the application’s backend processes and frontend interfaces, its pedagogic pipeline bears certain particular features and underlying logics which structure the user’s experience. These features will be analysed presently.  

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Glyphs on Feral Enterprise

A point comes when information becomes invested in the world’s matter, and this investment summons a multiplicity of affordances. Inspiration is hyperstitional vaperware come from the future which lures the animal spirits – it is never certain whether it is a trap or a genuine meal, but there is, after all, little distinction between the two. 

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Replicative Death Order

Four billion years ago, time becomes strategic. Abiogenesis turns a dead universe into a replicative death order. The Israel Defence Forces complete this order when they become the first military to attain absolute mechanisation. YHWH’s lieutenant on Earth is born in the stellar core of a red sun.

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