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Contingent Computation w/M. Beatrice Fazi

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M. Beatrice Fazi’s work surveys and interweaves the philosophy of computation, contingency, aesthetics, deep learning, and with her book Contingent Computation (2018) forges a dialogue between an array of thinkers including A.N. Whitehead and Gilles Deleuze in a bid to explore aesthetics as a mode of investigating contemporary computational systems.

M. Beatrice Fazi is Reader in Digital Humanities in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Her primary areas of expertise are the philosophy of computation, the philosophy of technology and the emerging field of media philosophy. Her research focuses on the ontologies and epistemologies produced by contemporary technoscience, particularly in relation to issues in artificial intelligence and computation and to their impact on culture and society. She has published extensively on the limits and potentialities of the computational method, on digital aesthetics and on the automation of thought. Her monograph Contingent Computation: Abstraction, Experience, and Indeterminacy in Computational Aesthetics was published by Rowman & Littlefield International in 2018. 

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