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DANK PRAGUE Launch, feat. Autopoetik // 24/9/2021

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The Word Addict—risen from the ash-tray of eventual time—is launching Dank Prague, a collection of short stories written by Vít Van Camp.

Van Camp romps through the unwashed recesses of the city of a hundred spires, the jewel of Mitteleuropa, the threshold between this world and the next. What do the seven monks of Sat Bhai have to do with pagan machine worship, and in which dank stall shall one find the petrified turd of Voynich?


Café Pavlač, V. Nejedlého 23, Žižkov, PRG // September 24, 2021
7 pm                     –             Open doors

7:30 pm               –             Readings (Blin, Lelek, Luhan, Růža)

8:30 pm               –             Dank Prague (Autopoetik & VVC)

9 pm                      –             beatz, bangz & funz (feat. Autopoetik)

<EXCERPT> An old man in the echoing vestibule of the Main Station once raved at me that the St. Vitus cathedral which towers above the city is actually the prow of a spaceship waiting to take the true believers to the Betelgeuse system.

“They are waiting for us there!” he screamed before I shoved in his trachea and he started spouting mucus.

“Get away from me, I don’t know you!” I yelled in my best histrionic babushka impression while I swept past the sliding glass door.

Smile at the memory now, my red heals feeling awkward on the limestone tiling. I am looking down from the roof of the Triplex club with binoculars in hand, but my eyes occasionally stray in the direction of the Castle, where the tall Gothic spires of St. Vitus prick up like the nipples on a medieval-fair drag queen. I see myself on the cathedral’s top-most rood, astraddle a grimacing gargoyle, riding the dark expanses of space with the whole of Prague trailing behind me in the cosmos’ silent vacuum. Like a horror out of time I would touch down only at the furthest reaches, where lightless, tired matter is forever banished to expand, ad infinitum. I would break free of this cloaca of a world, pierce the membrane from the inside like a spent condom and fertilize the great Outside. The whole of the cosmos
behind me would deflate like a punctured cell, its bowels evacuated out into the emerald beyond.<> “Kali Grrrlz,” DANK PRAGUE


Autopoetik is a project of Martin Lauer concerned with the creation of artificial or utopian soundscapes which are formed in a maelstrom of improvisatory responses to prerecorded samples, loops and field recordings. Autopoetik often performs in tandem with VJ Eli Anders and his second album EZY6266 inspired by the sounds produced by airplanes and air travel was released in 2019 on Meteorismo. [Soundcloud, album EZY6266, Bandcamp]

Vit Van Camp is a Prague-based wordsmith, a spectral subject, a fuzzy actor, a liminal memory. He is member of the Diffractions Collective and his works include two poetry collections and the collection of short stories Dank Prague (2021).

Jo Blin is an angry immigrant and a multimedia artist currently based in Prague, where she co-founded the Obejvák project space.Often lost in light pre-apocalyptic thoughts, her experiments, images and words go from bold statements to vain protests, unheard prayers, and powerlessness-infused self-portraits. But don’t worry, she’s okay. Jo’s official website

C Carr is a network fetishist based in Prague and occasional sci-fi short writer

Jaromír Lelek is a writer, teacher and editor. His activities have included running a literary festival, the 8th Prague Microfestival, working as a proxy telephonist for the auction house Arthouse Hejtmánek, founding and running the indie lit zine called The Word Addict or running with the bulls in Costa Rica.

Honza Luhan aka Spooky H is a Prague-born and based bilingual MC, rapper, poet, and artist, who used to be a pro-gamer. He is a member of the groups Freestyle Homies Night Family, and End of the Weak. Spooky enjoys conscious contemplative content on a moody canvas.

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