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Ethnographic Study of Algorithms (2017)

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by Dalibor Knapp

‘The Digital Body’
Fragmented bodies are fed by fragmented attention. Underdeveloped bodies, by the standards of human physiology, now replaced by the physiology of code. Let them fulfill my will, satisfy me with their appearance, their behaviour, let them distract my fickle desires.
‘The Device’
The digital device makes the body of the user invisible; it erases the geographical locations and social situation in which the body finds itself. If digital devices are interposed into communication between users, the digital devices become invisible. The body of the user can be made visible through the brand of the device.
Dalibor Knapp, Digital Negroes: An Ethnographic Dictionary (2017)

Ethnographic Study of Algorithms (3D animation, found footage) draws on the form and routines of classic ethnographic film. The plot is framed by an interview between the author – the observer, and the Mitsuku chatbot – the observed.

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