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Glandular  Life-Support  Action  &  Neuronal  Network  Development  Society™

By Thor Garcia

From Pink Alligator: The Testament of Captain Chip T. Walkner
Equus Press™ (2017)

Why does the human being seem so shorn of enthusiasm, determination, imagination? Why are such a great many neurotic, obese and chronically ill? Why does the human appear adrift, lost in confusions and meaninglessness, mystified by the seemingly unfathomable tragedy of existence? What has happened that the human sits slumped over, drowning in apathy, as his standard of living, ability to live healthily and freely, without fear and violence, are methodically taken, hour by hour, day by day?
The human being exists as a caged creature, preyed upon and manipulated, even while in the womb. The human is malnourished, sleep-deprived, overtaxed, over-warred, over-sugared, over-salted, over-toxinned, over-vaccinated and massively in debt to racketeers. He and she are sexually harassed, over-surveilled, over-militarized, fashion-abused, vision-drugged and screen-intoxicated to the point of irrationality and depression. Their essential glands and organs, those gateways to innovation, perception and wholeness, are under continual assault by chemicals, toxic particles and radio waves that have been deliberately injected into the water, food and air. With their glands and neural receptors being turned to crust and mush, is it any wonder the ordinary person has difficultly thinking clearly and responding to direct, and very dire, attacks on their survival?
Prices are constantly increasing — while ordinary people make less and less for their labor. Millions are regularly slaughtered, maimed, poisoned and impoverished as they are “bombed back to the Stone Age” in endless wars launched under phony “human rights and antiterrorism” pretexts.
What are the great masses of people failing to understand? Are they unconscious? Hypnotized? Are they living in a walking, drug-induced sleep?
Thor Garcia - GLANNDS
The system is sick and must be reformed. The human reels from the depredations of a crony-thievery global economy ruled by an obscure, “aristocratic” class of incestuous families and dark-matter consuming factions. They demand absolute loyalty to a currency that is based on nothing more than promises and threats of violence. Gigantic bank and cartel factions, detached from the creation of actual goods, use this money as a weapon of fear and destabilization. This state of affairs has weakened our glands, and led to our current position on the precipice of worldwide cataclysm.
We insist that the current, widely understood definition of capital be revised. No system based on “credit” and the routine robbery of ordinary people — and which ignores, or actively devalues, the cultural and social capital that all of us depend on — should be expected to survive.
Most urgently, we oppose the establishment of a “cashless” society, in which all transactions are monitored by untrustworthy corporate and government factions. A nonnegotiable tenet of human existence must be the ability to trade without the approval of banks, governments and other corrupt, self-proclaimed overseer factions. Human beings shall not be treated like creatures whose every activity is studied like ants within the confines of a maze. Similarly, we oppose the imposition of so-called “driverless” vehicles on a mass, controlled basis. The human being shall not hand over its freedom of movement to robots. Cashless economies, robot-driven cars — these are techniques aimed at ensuring that human beings live on totalitarian plantations in perpetuity, as permanent children, their fate entirely in the hands of faceless despots. The human being must not, and shall not, hand over its autonomy to robots and the dark-matter eaters who own them. Machines are not intelligent and will never be. They serve only as enforcers of tyranny.
We stand opposed to the further imposition, by anyone, of rules, laws, and regulations. It is long past time for people to stop bossing each other around at the point of a gun, or by the threat of financial punishment or exclusion, on the orders of their slave masters. Make no mistake: A surfeit of laws and regulations leads only to corruption, injustice, war and increased poverty. Rule-based systems assume that people will not act rationally or ethically, but only out of mendacity and greed — in fact, they rely upon, and their existence is designed to affirm and promote, this proposition.
But we fundamentally disagree that greed, rapaciousness and psychopathology describe the natural state of the human. On the contrary — we believe that all-encompassing, rule-based systems are designed to encode dysfunction and dependency and deny the ordinary person any realistic, commonsensical and productive outlet to defend their rational health and survival interests. Such systems must be abolished.
Thor Garcia - GLANNDS
Through media, religion, criminal punishment and other systems, the wickedness of human nature has been systematically promoted and exaggerated. The fact is, the vast majority of the problems of the world today are not caused by human nature. The thievery and dark-matter factions want you to believe that the problem comes from inside you — not the primitive, backwards economic and cultural systems they have implanted to facilitate their thievery. They want you to feel helpless and full of despair. They want you to believe your only options are to surrender to their systems or retreat into cynicism and drop out. These are false choices. We do not accept them.
We call for the maximum decentralization of all artificial institutions – that is, everything linked to government, corporation and religious factions, of any stripe. Restricting or eliminating the power of institutional factions will necessarily reduce the ability of traitors to the human spirit to inflict their destructive illness on great numbers of people.
We are not, in principle, opposed to the voluntary formation of nation-states. But we oppose border restrictions and land grabs of any kind. Borders do nothing but empower regimes and control systems — they must be torn down. It follows that we stand opposed to the practice of imposing citizenship in nation-states at birth. Human beings do not belong to factions who assert ownership over bordered territories as based upon their ability to assemble armies. The land of this planet belongs to all human beings, and they should be free to move about it without restriction, depending upon their capacity to care for themselves and conduct meaningful activities.
All states are founded on violence, coercion and robbery — and they do nothing else. The vast policing and surveillance operations, extending into every segment of our lives, do not exist to protect ordinary people. They are there to protect the rulers — from you. They are there to blackmail and control ordinary people, politicians and judges who might conceivably oppose them. They exist to protect those who profit from the destruction of vital animal species, phytoplankton, soil and water. They exist to protect those who profit from the deceptions of the fossil fuel economy and expensive electricity. They are not there to protect against terror — they are the terror.
We refuse to pay attention to any political or cultural initiative even remotely focused on alleged “ethnicity,” skin color,” or “blood.” No solutions will ever be found dwelling on these useless and artificial distinctions which, today and throughout history, have been promoted by quacks, thieves and those who crave the dark matter of slavery and mass slaughter. They use gradations of skin color and culture to promote division, guilt and violence — advancing nothing more than their lust for power. We reject it as despicable.
We are similarly appalled by political and cultural initiatives devoted to highlighting or stigmatizing certain sexual behaviors or “identities.” Having the complete freedom to do as one wants with one’s body is nonnegotiable and must never be a subject of “political debate.” Making such questions part of a political or social program is an absurdity that promotes perplexity, separation and stagnation — and only strengthens dark-matter operators ever so eager to manipulate a confused and divided populace. We reject it as horrendous.
What we do endorse, and have complete confidence in, is unrestrained human expression. In our view, nothing the human mind can envision is off-limits. There are no taboos. People must have the right to be wrong in what they say or create. They must have the liberty to say what others do not wish to hear. Words and images expressed by the human reflect real interior states that must be reckoned with. Our bedrock belief is that if the human can create it, the human can improve it or combat it through further creation. If cultures cannot find a way to tell themselves the truth, they are destined for ruination.
Thor Garcia - GLANNDS
This ideal, however, should not be misconstrued or mislabeled: Mass-media domination, or industrial lie-telling, now controlled by a very few factions, has nothing to do with open expression. The present lie-confusion-war-promotion media establishment must be opposed and undermined at every turn. They use technetronic hypnosis to hijack the human mind, with the aim of enforcing malfunction, perceptual imprisonment, and spiritual allegiance to crippling and contradictory goals. They want the ordinary person to fear the future, waste energy arguing over false “left-right” politics, fantasize about the lives of the rich and famous, fret about their appearance — and thus accept the psychopathic prerogatives of the ruling factions with little or no complaint. The so-called news and information sites have repeatedly been proven full of lies and misdirection — why continue to allow them to shape your view of reality?
It should almost go without saying that we utterly oppose any manipulation of human, plant or animal genes, or naturally occurring liquids. All efforts to develop “gene-editing techniques,” “gene-drivers” or “genetically-modified organisms” are abominations.  The same is true of transparently fraudulent notions like “transhumanism,” or machines like “robo-bees” designed to substitute for natural processes. Do not be fooled by the cheap glamour of alleged technological innovation: These projects have as their goal the complete domination of the human’s means of survival.
Thor Garcia - GLANNDS
In conclusion, we do not wish to rule over others, and we shall not. Neither shall we be coerced, nor shall we surrender, into servitude — mental, physical, pharmacological or spiritual. Living freely and independently, but being of genuine value — to oneself, firstly, and to one’s family, neighbors and colleagues — should be the cardinal aspiration of our species. We seek the development of voluntary structures and a physically, psychically robust lifestyle for all humans through the natural functioning of our glands. The foundation of glandular health is guaranteed through the provision of clean, unmodified water, food and weather. Ensuring such provisions must be given the highest priority, bar none save the defense of our planet and species from infiltration by non-terrestrial presences that seek to exploit and harm.
Pursuing logicality and commonsense; questioning the alleged “truths” of authorities, scientists, spokespeople and politicians; exercising self-discipline and restraint. These are the necessary bases from which to begin our liberation from economic, cultural, and pharmacological dictatorship.
It is often said that “the means never justify the ends.” But more completely: The means always determine the end.
Take nothing at face value. Gaze deeper. Discern what really sits before you, but has been intentionally obscured. Drink no further from poisoned chalices. Do not fear the responsibility of identifying your oppressors.  Peer inside yourself. You are the evidence of what has occurred. You are the indicator of where the future leads. You control your thoughts, voice, and action. All of us — we are the only evidence that is required.

From Pink Alligator: The Testament of Captain Chip T. Walkner
By Thor Garcia.   Equus Press™ (2017).


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