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First dwarf in the bitcoin mines in Toronto, Canada

Goldmen and Dogefathers

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As I run through each verse of Tolkien’s Dwarven Song of Old Wealth, popularized in Peter Jackson’s more recent film The Hobbit (2012), my mind is torn between prototypical myths of kings and mountain men. On the one hand, the Dwarven Song tells a tale of a mysterious King under the mountain who returns unto his hall. On the other, it’s the tale of an old powerful dwarf taken by madness after losing his mountain and his fathomless horde of gold. For me, the tale confounds and twists two popular mythical archetypes from very polar, yet both proto-Indo European cultures: the Old Man of the Mountain (or the Wildman, wodewose), and the King asleep in the Mountain who returns.

Of Dwarves and Der Wildermann

The Old Man of the Mountain is an old trope dating back to written memory during the early Crusades and the exaggerated writings of Marco Polo. It was also revamped in a 1933 Betty Boop film, which was the last of its kind featuring jazzy hits by Cab Calloway before going on to more modest episodes after public complaint of its alleged “raciness”. The most known monomythic form of the Old Man of the Mountain persisting until this day was the old sheikh of the Hashishans, the Ismaili sect of Shi’ite Muslims in early medieval Persia or later in Syria.  The Old Man of the Mountain is much older, manifested frequently in Persian-Iranian lore with Zoroaster and Sufi tales of Khidr.

The archetypal myth of the Wildman is just as ancient, with the persona Khidr considered among them. The Wildman appears prevalent throughout medieval art, from the early 9th century until the renaissance, also in the form of certain heraldry. The medieval perception of the Wildman, der Wildermann1, draws from Roman myths of fauns and satyrs in the form of Silenus and the Green Man, decorating the belfries and porticos of gothic cathedrals alike. More ancient still, Egyptian tombs and temples are guarded by the lesser-known figure Bes, a stout faun-like creature. Bes also adorned some architecture in Rome, such as the Magic Door and more ancient, as the Vatican may attest. While the European Green Man is quite a different myth, the Islamic mystic al-Khidr bears the name etymologically and is known as the “Green One”. The Wildman manifests at distinct junctures in civilisation, the dark transition from the Roman era to modern. Few alternatives come to mind from the renaissance until the 19th century. Al-Khidr encapsulates ancient spirit of time and wisdom before scripture: prehistory or pre-civilisation.

old man

This suspected absence may be due to the discovery of the New World with the reevaluation of what constitutes civilisation and the Noble Savage arose. The myth of the Wildman returns in the form of the Mountain Man pioneering routes through the Rocky Mountains for the big corporate fur-trading companies. As the medieval period Wildermann, he too has associations with miners, and later on with the (18)49ers heading to the hills for gold. Tolkien includes this breed of wildmen in the Drúedain, referred to by the Rohirrim. We now have a plethora of yeti and sasquatch myths carried along tales of mountain men exploring the deepest mountain paths. The Wildman is either depicted as dwarven and stout, or exaggeratingly tall and completely covered in hair. Freud and Jung had much to say about the wildman in psychoanalytic thought, and likewise they carry a promiscuity and animalistic fertility to them. The 1939 Betty Boop short titled “Old Man on the Mountain” plays off this theme, as Betty walks up the mountain passing a budgie full of the Old Man’s offspring (though no implicit reference to cocaine, dear Freud).

The King asleep in the Mountain is more prominent in Northern European cultures but not limited to. Outside of Europe, similar myths of Genghis Khan or King David returning exist. The most well-known sleeping kings that come to my mind are Arthur and Wencelas. These hibernating kings and golden hordes of ghost soldiers waiting for the moment at their greatest need, as if rightful Simba, heir to the throne, may summon them the second time darkness envelopes the Pride Lands. As we round out the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic in the first half of 2021, the myth of the great King and divinely appointed ruler coming to save us all has come up quite a lot. With huge shifts in biopolitics for the industrialized vaccine development the likes of which we’ve never seen at scale, in near full transparency (thanks to the ongoing, silent interstate cyberwar), and the wide swing of cryptocurrency and reliquaries of NFTs, it is no wonder the masses look to hope of the one King who can right it all with the fell of his blade. Beyond fascism, feudalism is on the rise, and it is not surprising how inevitably we fall back into its arms. More so however during this time, it is important to remember true pseudo-kings like Emperor Norton of pre-Silicon age Palo Alto and the story of the waters of madness. 

Waters of Madness and the Vax Americana

In the post-covid world, the myth of the King Asleep and the Wildman has returned full-fledged as uncertainty in continuing the Western civilization experiment wavers on a thread. Deep-rooted financial systems shaken at their very core by redditor clans and great Worms clad in iron scales entrench themselves only further upon their mountain-guarded nontaxable hordes.  The myth that has come to mind the most in the past year has been the old Sufi tale of the Waters of Madness. Whether it’s a world on the verge of flooding or drying up (and both), from the pendulum of global politics and pandemics, the story of the Waters of Madness certainly captures this polarization.

The old tale tells of a man in the times of Moses, a disciple of Khidr, while standing on the banks of the Nile in which he has a vision. In this vision Khidr arises from the river waters to tell the man that all of the water would soon be dried up and the water would be replaced with a new water, that he should prepare himself well. If this sounds similar to the Noah myth, it might be considered its antithesis.  Instead of being told by a singular God that the earth would be flooded and he should build a large boat to preserve all terrain life, this is a man who is warned by a wondering spirit, neither malak nor djinn, of a major drought and that he should take care of himself and not to worry. The man tried to warn others and at the same time, he hodled as much water in pots and jars in a cave away from the city. The day did come when the river ran dry and the man retreated to his cave, venturing out only when necessary. The river ran aflow with new waters, as Khidr had warned, and the people of the city began to drink of the water. The man noticed that he could no longer understand the people, they insisted he had gone mad, as he continued to drink only from his supply. Eventually, the man ran out of his supply and giving up, finally drank from the new waters at the bidding of the people around him.  Suddenly, he had been cured, and from thenceforth, the people referred to him as the “mad man who had become sane”. 

covid19 facemask meme gallery

This is a crucial story during the crazy times of the pandemic with reckless governments and runaway economies; faith in central institutions has certainly crumbled. It’s a good time to be in the business of religions and cults with infinite apocalyptic prophecies streamed across social media. Any student of civil conflict in developing countries can see the oversaturation of social factors contributing to what should be many flashpoints to civil war in the United States. But it’s not, or as a Shroedinger’s civil war: either both ongoing with levels of intercommunity, domestic violence well above the threshold for civil war or in the best peace possible in line with Steven Pinker’s suggestion, depending on who’s observing. War is waged in the uncanny valley and only after we may count the bodies. 

The Waters of Madness accurately depict this problem, when major civilisation cleavages take place, it always starts with a few early adopters (or adapters), foreshadowed by boys who cry wolf. Malcolm Gladwell uses the term maven. Climate change evidence slowly beats its drums harder, but there are still outposts of retaliation. Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is either very real or a well-fabricated conspiracy that goes above the human experience.  A few demonised, mad men had warned Western society of the impending epidemic long ago.  The West has always seen Asiatic society a bit absurd for masking up in public spaces since early SARS outbreaks, and now post-COVID, the unmasked Westerner is marginalized. Centuries ago, villages in sub-saharan Africa settled to not only socially distance between humans in the wake of malaria outbreaks, but also to the distance of a mosquito’s range.

Not surprisingly, the anti-vax movement grew by 7 to 8 million people in the US since 2019 during the covid pandemic, according to a recent Lancet report. Central to the anti-vaccine argument is a subtle rejection of civilisation, if civilisation can be enumerated in the multitude of federal-level state institutions, including the possibility of universal healthcare.  While covid isn’t the civilisation-killer prophesied about, it can certainly be heeded as a test run for the next species-wide extinction event. Every electric boogaloo, doomsday prepper adamantly refused to wear a filtering mask, which had been stocked up for similar purposes. Prepping involves training exercises, drills and well, prepping. The pandemic brought out many personalities, and strained the global economy to its limit. Undoubtedly, we (the West) are in need of a new economic model to fare through the next pandemic, where the fossil-fuelled, biopolitical Keynesian hybrid of Pax Americana will no longer suffice. We may often be considering private billionaire-funded space, healthcare, and financial solutions which reach out to regions of spheres of influence in opposition to state borders. Let the Dogefather provide your internet, from his lunar kingdom.

we either must work quite hard to bring back the old neoliberal, feudalist system we had in place before, or we must work hard to empower a new techno-feudalist system ahead of us

Our options are short and it’s narrowing down to what looks like we either must work quite hard to bring back the old neoliberal, feudalist system we had in place before, or we must work hard to empower a new techno-feudalist system ahead of us. Reflected in Joel Kotkin’s recent book outlining the inevitable path of capitalism to neo-feudalism or Varoufakis’s latest comments on the rise of techno-feudalism2, it seems human economics is experiencing a psychoanalytic regression into its origins, the safety of the past and the ultimate Duner dream.

Kotkin does provide some needed changes to decentralize and avoid the inevitable, however we cannot forget that deregulation is also a regulation. With a bit of hesitance, I’m also reminded of a technocratic, platonic republic coined ‘neo-feudal techno-communism’ by Justin Murphy.  Unfortunately, and unlike choosing to rewrite a democratic constitution with chances for future amendments, feudalism is the unseen, irreversible decaying state of social order in which early adopters are often rewarded the most.  Feudalism developed out of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, which was a remediation for a failing Republic. In the case of Roko’s basilisk, the similar premise of an AI-singularity authoritarianism makes this prisoner’s dilemma very clear.

"New World Order" book on Amazon

The pandemic has caused the world, not only the West or China, to change on a global scale. And it isn’t pleasant to be forced or to let oneself fall into decay. The powers of the West, knowing full well the injustices of the systems in the past have called to “Build Back Better” and placed all their marbles on ousting Trump and his cabal for the senile Biden. Had Trump won, there would still be a major change, or what is still expected of his current followers: a complete rehauling of the U.S. economic system cast upon the global. 

The Return of Trump, 10 Days of Darkness, and the Cryptophalian State

With the recent 2020 election of Joe Biden over Republican incumbent Donald Trump, similar myths of goldmen become interweaved into the surviving conservative narrative. The obvious is the return of Donald Trump with his invisible legions from under the Capitol, and most prominent strains of which rising to the mainstream is Qanon. The lesser known under discussion here is the connection with Trump and more ancient affiliations, such as JFK, Noah, or the fabricated Sabmyk. These are all symptoms of the times, and with the changing cyberscape of social media platforms, with state official-level blocking, seditious movements are resettling into new encrypted niches, where states don’t have much visibility.

At the moment, Qanon supporters post-Trump seem stuck in a loop, waiting for the next predicted stage in Trump’s masterplan: 10 days of darkness. This expected period has elapsed several times in the last year, with the main days around mid-December 2020, end of January 2021, and end of March 2021. Once more during for April 20 and 1 May. During the 10 days of darkness and possible electronics-resetting solar storm, global arrests of high corruption should occur, currency-backing (and Dominion voting) servers switched out and electrical grids go down. All to cover up the Great Reset occurring or the Trump-led effort to forever prevent the Great Reset occurring. Digital currency, by either state or billionaire tech seems inevitable. There is still a wide future ahead for those currencies and transactions that can take place without surveillance from either, and although cryptocurrencies opened this gap, it would be difficult to settle only on the top two or three.  Alex Gladstein’s On A World Without Bitcoin quite aptly captures this.

With the current trend in cryptocurrencies and state acceptance, the economic systems ahead of us can be polarized into two major camps of digital stablecoins, both with the goal of decentralizing the human agent in support of state principles.

  1. Sinocentric Reset (Greater China Model): Completely centralized, state-issued digital currency (stablecoin) with economy fluctuations mitigated by coin decay
  2. Great Reset (Western Model): Circular Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A curious resistance to both follows a spiritual, industrialized title for the third option discussed here:

  1. Great Awakening (American Inland): Some kind of reversion of the Great Reset in which the assets reassessed by the IMF and central banking is actually subverted and deflected to individual stakeholders

All three systems, Sinocentric, Great Reset, and Great Awakening, require an incorruptible blockchain-based asset-tracking solution which merges real world objects with cryptocurrency. Not discussed in this article are the plethora of low-tech, decentralized proposals away from numismatics, otherwise known as “under the table”.

Building on the current gig economy and trend of Uberization of everything from rides, food, to errands, the Great Reset is only a continuation of neoliberalism by technological means. Inherent in “Build Back Better”, efforts to make reparations and implement affirmative action initiatives will continue until an understanding of equity is felt or overshot. Cancel culture and #MeToo, as the old Roman tradition of “damnatio memoriae” will cleanse American society of its turbulent, imperial past as entire social media platforms are deconstructed for gender- and racially-biased code. Never so much an issue with the English language, but gender will be eradicated from language altogether just as animist elements from the ancient tongues.

The Great Reset is largely socialist, non-propertarian, and a rejection of the past, with a transparently flawed decentralization. In contrast, the Sinocentric model is both socialist and non-propertarian, but is a flamboyant continuation of the past (and China’s Mandate of Heaven) and fine-tuned Confucian centralization. The Great Reset wills to achieve something like the Odonian system of the Anarresti in Le Guin’s novel The Dispossessed, albeit with a neoliberal flavor in post-scarcity, obviously a far step from it’s left-leaning origins. Regardless of the World Economic Forum’s goals and disinformation surrounding the possibilities of a “Circular Economy”, in the false claim “By 2030, You will own nothing and be happy about it”, the likelihood of a reduction in peak capitalist-consumption habits is high. Further with work being broken down into subtasks in frameworks such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, owning nothing and being micro-managed by an algorithm seems awfully similar to Roko’s feudalism, with the slogan “it’s not toxic management if it’s a machine!”.  And there were plenty of happy cyberserfs or digital volniks, not to be confused with yet another proposed digital currency by the same name.

The Great Reset’s biggest struggle will be to maintain independence from the Sinocentric, although they will borrow and interchange many technologies. The main feature of a Sinocentric stablecoin is the decay model in order to stimulate the economy and maintain a circular economy.  Inflation currently mitigates this as a buffer until a government may artificially devalue a currency. A decay model would be one step ahead of the consumer. The U.S. system has not yet proposed how it will combat hoarding under its capitalist guise, where offshore banking in a cosmopolitan elite always seems a possibility with the same tax mechanisms used for the last 50 years.

On the other hand, the Great Awakening is rather fragmented. Following Tea Party remnants into the Trump era, the tribes and camps which may subscribe to this liberal, religious terminology vary widely. There are plenty of white supremacist groups among them, though genealogically separate in philosophies. Of these camps, there are Christian followers and Germanic pagan followers. The dividing line and latent category of which Great Awakening version one supports may depend on whether one is pro-Israel or anti-Zionist. That’s the enigma of Trump (and American conservatism in general), who was able to join Jew-hating white supremacists with Israel territory expansion lobbying. With the dethronement of Trump, there are patriots who will continue to uphold the MAGA and apostates who have recanted. Growing acceptance appears in anti-Zionist groups to be that Trump betrayed the movement in the end, sold out to Israel, whereas non-Jew hating Christian Nationalists continue to support a return of Trump by some divine intervention. They all believe the election was fraudulent, or must appear to believe, as with the latest dismissal of Liz Cheney. 

Of all these varied camps, cryptocurrency has inevitably come up through the various exposure of new social medias.  Bitcoin seemed the stuff of an early-adopting technical miner class and deviant Wall Street barons, attracting criminals for its alleged anonymity, not something for the pure (or it just got expensive fast). Ethereum never seemed to gain traction with the Great Awakening camps either, perhaps a bit put off from the crypto-kitty 2018 wave and an urban-based developer community remaining deeply technical until recent exposure of sports-related NFTs.  That leaves few options for those who don’t go down rabbit holes and is accessible to the great American suburban middle class: Litecoin, Ripple or Doge. I guess before the pandemic waters of madness flowed, Ripple made sense, despite nefarious legal entanglements, and these camps stuck with it all the way into April 2021.  Ripple also may have the least connection to Zionists, as some fallout suggests. It’s better than an obvious scamcoin, why not.

Far alt-gold alphabet soup: NESARA/GESARA, QFS, XRP, and YEM

Is there a cure-all, panacea financial system ready to adopt?  For many of the Great Awakening camp, the NESARA/GESARA myth provides this salvation. If you have spent any time following the Qanon cabal forums after 2019, NESARA has most likely come up with forum participants telling you to just look it up on DuckDuckGo or Yandex. NESARA stands for National Economic Security and Recovery Act, and Global for the GESARA remix.  No better source to cover a wide overview of what this is exactly can be found in its wikipedia stub and has some truly Nicolas Cage vibes. For more, you need to stick a dank hand down reddit or 8kun and pull out a fresh scoop of NESARA coin.

XRP / Ripple / NESARA GESARA Rollout old man
source: No more Andrew Jackson?

To summarize, the NESARA act was proposed by systems philosopher and engineer Harvey Francis Barnard during the early 1990s in his book titled “Draining the Swamp”, sent to multiple members of Congress. He continued into the early 2000s with proposals to fix the impending global debt and housing crisis by eliminating compounded interest and tax reform.  He released the NESARA concept to the public domain and it was picked up by an internet cult personality who went by the alias Dove of Oneness.

Local news articles from a small Olympian town from 2004 identify Dove of Oneness as Shainee Goodwin, smeared as the ‘cybercult queen’, who appears to have passed away in 2010. Some copies of her correspondence can still be found on surface web verifying the text and writing style, all sent via yahoo email group “doveofo” from a dove_of_o[at]yahoo. Text is littered with references to “White Knights”, reminiscent of current QFS chatter referring to current controllers of the financial system as “White Hats” (opposed to “Black Hats” in some perpetual deepstate), and multiple references to the IRS, Federal Reserve and Treasury.  Connected links lead to enlightened and awakened domains such as the Global-Light-Network[.]com.  Similar to the fallout of Trump supporters, the Dove accuses members of the George Bush Jr cabinet of treachery, predicting his resignation by 2002. The letters dating from 2001-2002 are focused on researching the conspiracies surrounding 9/11, with data for the NESARA framework being stored in one of the Trade Towers.  In 2004, Dove Reports were featured on NESARA informational page, allegedly maintained by Shaini Goodwin as well. One could subscribe to newsletters via dovelist[at]nesara[.]us.  

web archive screenshot NESARA

Nesara[.]us and gesara[.]news presents the goals of NESARA as:

  1. Provides forgiveness of credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt for bank and government frauds
  2. Abolishes the IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government
  3. Initiates U.S. Treasury Bank System, which absorbs the Federal Reserve, and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency
  4. Restores Constitutional Law
  5. Requires resignations of current administration to be replace by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new election within 120 days
  6. Requires the President Designate to declare “Peace” enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly; ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately, and many more improvements. old man

Summarized in the 2002 correspondence, and in line with Harvey Barnard proposals, is the need for Congress to cancel debt, stop compound interest and abolish the IRS. Sounds something akin to left-leaning libertarians today rather than a nationalist ponzi scheme. While Barnard attempted to distance himself from this cult expansion, the NESARA was already out of the box. In 2004, local newspaper covered the underlying, fraudulent motivation of Shaini Goodwin as a former member of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, which had body-snatched a small community near Yelm, Washington in the 1990s. The sect’s teachings had reached Czech audiences by 1998 and are still in circulation in shops under JZ Knight’s White Book and among channeling groups. The group’s leader, Judy Zebra Knight, claims under copyright to channel Ramtha, an ancient Lemurian warrior who would someday return with their Atlantean Army from the sunken continent.  Sound like another king under the mountain myth?


Fast forward to 2019 into the Trump era, with NESARA/GESARA 2.0 in the form of the Quantum Financial System (QFS).  There is never a straight, referenced definition of a Quantum Financial System or QFS, but always appears as an AI-generated slew of cryptocurrency buzzwords, albeit no white or yellow papers for conceptual, with topic initiators telling you to “do your research, it’s going to be big”.  In short, QFS is an attempt to transpose financial concepts of the prior NESARA proposal into a more feasible, technical system, though quite lacking in substantial documentation to describe how. The “quantum” derives from the availability of quantum computing, able to compute financial transactions and encryption at rates impossible under our current hardware. Why this amount of computational power is needed is unclear, other than perhaps the need to maintain high availability of GPS tracking of assets linked to a proposed digital currency.  It clearly tries to steer away from cryptocurrencies and chatter in QFS groups members are chastised for discussing corruptible Bitcoin or Doge, a taboo coin. Contradicting, it does support a blockchain-based currency, but again falls short of recognizing the only thing close to scalable asset-backing with Ethereum blockchain.  Likely a clear scam as the repeated bot messages show, XRP (Ripple) was backed all the way until April, when ALGO was added to top. XRP developers might not even be aware of the push.

Outside of Telegram, the proposed cryptocurrency is YEM: Your Everyday Money. It is this Rainbow Currency meant to prop up QFS. Right off, the YEM coin offering has mixed links and connections, with no consistent messaging missing yet again white and yellow papers.  On one hand, its backers are advertised as the diverse board of the YEM Foundation and on the other, an obscure QFS-like consultancy based in Eastern Europe. A major scam callout for YEM had also the backing from a known ponzi scheme Wazzub, supporting some TWNKL blockchain.  Just like a movie scene where multiple fraudsters target the same bank on the same night and end up trying to target the wrong spiderman. Besides all the vultures circling on financially-strained boomers, not without its mysterious, wise old German character upholding the legitimacy of the system, YEM is lacking any technical direction. I should say there may have been some whitepaper for rainbow currency, though largely plagiarized and since removed.  YEM purports a currency “SafeZone” which sounds like some kind of Duty-free or DMZ for physical assets, by people who didn’t google basic networking or cloud computing at best. YEM has been sold on market with discounts if you onboard others. Sure. Couldn’t be worse than Trumpcoin. The QFS chats uphold that one day XRP will be gold, and ALGO silver.

reddit old man

The proposal of QFS doesn’t only replace the financial system and economy, but also decentralizes the IP networking scheme that SWIFT rides on. Burn all IPv6 cell towers! It removes finance from the internet, pegging physical assets with GPS-tagging to cut out Internet Exchange Points. Asset owners are connected directly via app or wallet, dependent only on satellite availability. Starlink certainly plays a role as competing satellite networks provide full global coverage. Here again QFS is littered with myths of King Musk riding atop the noble Tesla steed from out of Palo Alto. Apple’s bluetooth, mesh networked-based AirTag, following after Tile, is also a step closer to creating a land-based asset tagging system.  QFS does attempt to align all of these available technologies now, but falls quite short of sovereign entity involvement.  If so, it really may be the factor for the new space race to control satellites, between corporate and state. Possibly, 5G was a wake up call, that the global state system owns space. The computational power to process sovereign blockchain will take place in space, and it will largely occur silently between China and the Corporate West. There seems little wiggle room for a true Great Reset.

Going deeper down the QFS and Great Awakening rabbit-hole, much of the material for QFS was being shared across multiple Telegram groups under related titles of Great Awakening or Risveglio in Italian.  Messages were timed across multiple channels with dozens of thousands of subscribers.  Artistic style of many of the messages was quite consistent with cursive lettering and the solid blue symbol of double X (or the Inguz rune). The channels ran from December 2020, shortly after electoral confirmation of Trump’s loss, to April, with a sharp cutoff before picking back up in mid May 2021. They all make reference to the return of a personality going by SABMYK. Hope Not Hate published an investigation of over 130 channels linked to SABMYK, exposing the identity of channel owners as Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek. The investigation lays out the evidence, and one clear resemblance behind the SABMYK messaging and Bienek’s graffiti-style.  In early May, posts across all channels invite followers to visit Sebastian Bieniek’s page.

sabmyk old man

Admittedly, the “movement” of SABMYK seemed quite simple on its surface for Qanon, purportedly kicked off by an awakened immigrant in Germany of unknown, ancient nobility, Princess Ameli Achaemenes.  Let’s recall the NESARA/GESARA, if enacted would make illegal all titles of nobility. Achaemenes claims to have met George Soros in 1992 who handed her the ancient Sword of Shawunuwaz. She prophesied that Noah would be reborn, proposed as JFK or Trump around the first weeks of April. This turned out to likely be the digital god-king created in the mind of B1EN1EK.  Noah was meant to return in order to restore the divine origins of a new financial system, in the form of QFS. Render unto Caesar. To be honest, I don’t think many from the Great Awakening camp, be it alt-right, nationalist or Christian, went down that path, despite it’s shared slogan of WWG1WGA. For the most part, QFS supporters say to just wait it out and your bank accounts will magically be converted and your debt wiped following the 10 days of darkness.

old man cerny jirasek vaporwave background
sources: /×1080-reddit.html
edit by: Ceci Kulp

Civilisation at a glimpse

Civilisation is truly on a whim. If there were any indicators to a sloping Dark Age, we have been there for quite some time. Only the citizens of the Roman Empire didn’t really register such changes following Attila’s invasion as a future onset Dark Age.  They consolidated their information sources, siloed away from disbelievers, collecting into pools of like-minded individuals and then “elected” the most obvious and affluent leader, who could field armies becaming the first feudal lords.  Old Roman money bought this new system which came after, and the cryptic Church didn’t back down either.  It created a parallel value system, completely centralized. The pandemic has done just that, collecting ordinary people into tribes of online social media, even though there are multiple options available at our fingertips with mobile phones. Masked or unmasked.

A savior cannot both reject civilization and attempt to restore it. If we’re to follow the lessons of Huckleberry Finn or Norbert, a King from the wild is not to be trusted, but may serve as entertainment. We are moving through epocal times indeed, and the best way through it is by being critical of sources and microdosing as a community. Maintain a healthy doublethink. Beyond Occam’s razor, which necessitates the trimming down of any conspiracy and deep state mystery to its minimalist solution, there are multiple contradictions within texts themselves belying their fragility. Disinformation is most certainly on the rise, but this comes at a crucible period with every new medium. Occam’s razor can also minimize any possible complexity added on top of the alphabet soup of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies out there:

Simply put, the Quantum Financial System ties neatly in with the NESARA Act as an easily digestible confirmation bias of a collapsing financial system.

If there’s any comparison in feudalism between contrasting powers of state (kingship) and the church, which were both forks of the Western Roman Empire, we have it in crypto. Stablecoins will be in circulation by state. Cryptocurrencies bartered for less. NTFs will be treated as relics, and you may make digital pilgrimages to them (online, a Zizekian fetish). And there will be knockoffs, along with the first “quantum” exploits in blockchain-based artwork. The masses won’t have time to sift through the growing number of disinformation and they become truths enough.

The downside of untrained, uncrowdsourced searching today, and simple Google SEO. Doing your own research is no longer as feasible with the exponential boom in spam domain hijacking. Top results for anything related to “nesara” or “gesara” within the last year only provide links stuffed with hundreds of plaintext buzzwords. Identifying these spam sites is easy, and one should never click a link trusting Google’s SEO to sift through the noise. Subdomains are usually registered within a week and actioned on quickly. Squatters pay attention to trends and stuff the subdomain with buzzwords targeting a specific audience (and this case, likely QAnon researching couch boomers). More on squatted domains

google search gesara trump qanon nesara old man
Google search showing multiple hijacked Italy TLDs

Problems with the NESARA GESARA act preclude an American exceptionalism. That somehow restoring U.S. Constitutional law will fix the planet’s woes. A return to gold standard or “rainbow currency” (YEM) is the solution to world’s problems with fiat. Mineral wealth only functions in a settled society (a.k.a civilisation), otherwise, your assets must be mobile. The more investment in mineral (hard) wealth, location-based assets, the more the environment is conducive for feudalism. The premise of Dune is a foot-on-the-pedal continuation of space feudalism because only a single planet is capable of the monopolised spice resource required for space travel. The paradigm begins to shift with the first transported worm. At least the Sinocentric model understands this. There are also initiatives in cryptocurrency where value is gained by trade and exchange rather than hodling for dips.  Petroleum may just have been peak mineral wealth that was also easy to transport as a liquid. Can we back a currency in a gas? The answer would be steampunk.

Unfortunately, this primitive mindset of individual exceptionalism leads to inosculation: the global economy has started the long growth path around the U.S. and will likely only absorb into or graft onto the global trend.  To think the petrodollar is an American phenomenon clearly devolves the underpinnings of the 1970s global economy with growing demand for oil. It’s not solely that America needed oil, it simply marketed it as a lifestyle. America will choose to either store up on it’s own petroleum before the new energy flows, and it will be too late. America will be forced to hermitize or be absorbed.  9/11 was significant and did alter our economies, but it hasn’t changed human desire for gold.

The pandemic has triggered a financial waters of madness event and the early adopters won’t be in bitcoin. Do not wait on some magical, wild cyber dwarf with over 30 GPUs to airdrop unvetted crypto in your pocket. No government or king, nor deep state or counter-deep state will provide this, and converting any fiat for a digital coin is still a fiat.  It seems inevitable in the current system the new global economic path will follow the Sinocentric model by 2030, with few pockets of resistance. The best option to avoid this is for Western economies to accelerate decentralized ecosystems and force a kind of scattering, outside of surveillance or observable means, like the which the God Emperor of Dune envisaged to save human civilisation, creating the penultimate feudalism to end all feudalisms.

1 E., Novak, Maximillian (1972). Wild man within : an image in western thought from the renaissance to present: Univ Of Pittsburgh Press. p. 35.

2 – 2014 / – 2010 / – 2000 / Interesting tidbit, seems the earliest publication date one can enter as an Amazon seller is 1 January 1000

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