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Irreversible Noise 2.0: Inigo Wilkins

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Inigo Wilkins explores the transdisciplinary nature of noise in his upcoming book, Irreversible Noise(Urbanomic). His work incorporates philosophical influences from Gilles Deleuze, Wilfred Sellars, Thomas Metzinger, Francois Laruelle, and Rene Thom, complemented by a focus on an array of fields such as complexity theory, cognitive science, and AI. His work also surveys the evolution of sonic noise within the 20th century to contemporary articulations of ‘fugitive noise’, conjured by hauntological encounters and diagrammatic gestures.

Inigo Wilkins is a writer and lecturer (CalArts, New School for Research and Practice) working across many disciplines (sonic culture, cognitive science, philosophy, and finance). He is co-director of the online journal Glass Bead, and has published articles in such journals as Litteraria PragensiaMute Magazine, and HFT Review.

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