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Recently, Vladimir Putin appointed a man named Anton Vayno* to his cabinet as Chief of Staff. The political movements of a man like Vladimir Putin are always richly rewarding to analyze, but Vayno sounds an alarm bell on an utterly different floor.
In 2012, Vayno published a paper titled “The Theory and History of Economics, Government, and Law”. Naut Patrick Stanley was the first to have the paper translated into English.
Below is my attempt at a TL;DR. (A TL;DRTL;DR follows.) Forgive me if some of it is less than prosaic; there’s a point at which one no longer bothers to ornament, simply tossing the siphoned nuggets onto the table.

The noosphere is the sum of human thought. νοῦς/nous: “mind”.
The nooscope, therefore, is the instrument that records changes in the collective human mind.
The market is alive.

  • Godel (No system is complete)
  • Heisenberg (Reality is probabilistic; probability is conserved even after measurement)
  • Baudrillard (Perception is inseparable from belief: this is “hyperreality”)

⇒ The market’s behavior is shaped by these fundamental rules of reality.
The market is the global economic system. The meta-economy: every conceivable economy and every subsystem of every economy.
Reflectivity, noun: market participants’ expectations of others and themselves both feedback into the behavior of the market. Heisenberg uncertainty in the abstract.
Capital, noun: the market’s potential energy. Its realization (ie, “motion”) manifests in both the material and legal worlds, each equally real to the corporation, which is a lifeform in the market environment.
Synthesis, noun: The human mind, reality, and spacetime (the two facets of space and time, mirroring the material and legal) — together space-time-life — form a “protocol” whose definition is the market’s equivalent of the laws of physics.

Vayno’s illustration of the market protocol and how it is shaped by space-time-life.

The market is composed of many different nodes. Wall St, trade relationships, military actions, social influence (what small town doesn’t envy the big city?). As every node in the market develops to become more advanced and technologically interdependent, each node — a city, an ethnic group, an army, a corporation — quickly gains the ability to influence larger and larger sections of the market as a whole. At some point, these nodes become capable of disrupting the entire status quo: Assad, Trump, Merkel. This property is called “crisis proneness” for fragile vital nodes, and “crisis power” for nodes capable of inducing crisis.
The goal of this paper is to outline a process to monitor, understand, and manage this network of nodes as it evolves. The Management will lead this process.
The network cannot be managed by a classical “committee” or “government”. Governments and corporations must instead be mobilized by the Management in accordance with whichever control strategy is determined to be most expedient and effective. Modern cross-continental problems are already solved in something close to this manner, albeit clumsily by corporations and governments working together. The Management will coordinate short-term incentives with the long-term interests of the coordinating parties. The Management will also predict the future by considering the development of each of its scenarios over the market protocol.
The Market Code
In short, a “market code” is the technological footprint of a product, just like a strand of DNA is the blueprint of a living organism. “Technology” in this case of course is broader than physical possessions:
DNA : Biological life :: Market code : Product (cybernetic life)
Market code is both material and immaterial (= matrix and ideal):

  • Knowledge (expertise of employees)
  • Brands
  • Tech
  • Patents
  • Resource recycling systems [cf: biological digestive/respiratory/cardiovascular…]
  • Raw
  • Energy
  • Material
  • Financial
  • Human


  1. Heredity
  2. Self-support
  3. Self-replication

By analogy with the properties inherent in life, it is possible to determine the properties inherent to the market. The matrix is space and time in different proportions. Where proportions favour life, there is of life; where proportions favour capitalism, there is capital. The Management will employ a nooscope to identify every event occurring in space and time.
Capitalization occurs when raw energy is organized into a system that accomplishes work according to the rules of a protocol. If work is a transaction of energy, then time is measured by the order of transactions in the system. Therefore, a nooscope measures every market transaction, which enables the Management to capitalize on the future. By capitalizing on sufficiently huge opportunities, we can insure against potential crises by accelerating past them.
NASA is developing a global ecological monitoring network called Planetary Skin. The EU is developing a supercomputer-powered simulation of natural environments and large-scale human interaction to analyze and prognosticate reality (aka space-time-life). This project began in 2013 and is known as the Living Earth Simulator. It aims to leverage existing databases such as Wikipedia, Facebook’s data and models of interaction, and Google’s store of satellite, geography, urban environment data, and graphs of human and vehicular movement.
The first nooscope was invented in Russia in 2011\.
The nooscope contacts each of seven Matryoshka layers of space-time-life:

  1. Business
  2. A global hypernet (system of internet systems) monitoring and accounting for the market.


Society Business model X is the code of Y materializing Action code
Pre-industrial grain grain; solar energy sale of land
Industrial energy internal combustion engine; oil (heavily processed solar energy) sale of land
Post-industrial information internet; time sale of time: futures, shares, derivatives, prediction markets
Market conscience transaction nooscope; life’s transition from space to time a transaction in space-time-life where the transition occurs


Layer 1: The business hypernet.

  1. Market conscience
  2. Monitors perceptions of the market and compares them to layer 1\. Where there are perception errors, it alerts the Management.
  3. Infrastructure vital to human life
  4. Somewhat obviously agriculture, farmed ecologies incl. water sources. Less obviously, mineral sources, atmospheric health, local solar-system environment, and potentially others.
  5. Technogeneous catastrophes
  6. [Imagine if Y2K happened today, and the banks went with it.]
  7. Natural disasters
  8. Special-purpose layers
  9. [Meaning unclear. Potentially thrown in here to account for arbitrary extension of the model… any layer that develops later on can be tacked on here.]
  10. Collective consciousness
  11. [The final layer, ie. the entirety of space-time-life. The outermost Matryoshka.]

The Management will leverage global networked devices to develop spatial scanning technology. This high-resolution market information will enable the Management to develop a system for designing more effective future systems and tech. Finally, the nooscope will be completed with the creation of a “convergence net”, which will exchange information between people, networked devices, and machines, across social, digital, and analog networks. The nooscope could interface to modern technology to extract such information as the emotional profile of a nation-state from a few passive input signals, accordingly strengthening the nooscope’s accuracy towards the market.


Well. That was certainly quite something.
I omitted details that may have been less than compelling or less than abstract — Vayno veers into talking about bus coordination — but the most important parts of the paper have been preserved. But what does it all mean?
First, we ought to upgrade our estimate of how rapidly the superior establishment power-nodes are ratcheting their command of technology.
Second, we are reminded to reflect on what it means to be a cell in a vast and incomprehensibly intricate organism.
Finally, we are educated in how to secure an advisory position at the highest level of a modern nation-state: write at length about world domination.
Thankfully the normies seem to have completely missed the point, or at least their shepherds want us to think they did. Still, the publicness of this event raises the question: if this knowledge were so valuable, why would it be sitting in plain sight?
Perhaps it is hiding there?
* VAYNO = :(:(:)(:)) = 122 = POWER = VOYNA (WAR).

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