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SEDMIKRASKY |translations in color| – (Guests)

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the 2nd event of the month-long cultural program at the AAU’s |art|SPACE centering around the vibrant theme of color:  SEDMIKRASKY |translations in color|

The title is inspired by two colorists – in film and painting – Vera Chytilová and Vincent Van Gogh – and it defines our angle.
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This second event is a continuation of color exploration through space-specific installation, as well as through film and discussion around it.
In collaboration with the Diffractions Lecture Series, co-led by Dustin Breitling and Casey Carr, we are choosing to focus on the intersection between color and the politics of noise—what becomes the poetics of noise through the realm of wavelengths and sound.
The gallery space will get brightened up with a LED-installation by Kino CirKus, and we will also have a surprise happening which you can be a part of.
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Curator: Natasha Kirshina

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