Being No-One: Self Model Theory of Subjectivity

self model theory of subjectivity

How does Thomas Metzinger’s work challenge and carve out the foundations for a novel and transformed notion of subjectivity?

This seminar explored the work of Metzinger and Neuroscience research that is fundamentally disrupting the ‘Human’ in understanding its role as an evolutionary organism.
Thomas Metzinger’s contention that “No such things as selves exist in the world” attempts to redefine our commonsense and folk conceptions of subjectivity, conceptions that he attempts to supplant through the role of Neuroscience. How does the role of Neuroscience intervene in our everyday common sense notions of “ourselves” and force us to confront our evolutionary trajectory.

There is one central question we have to confront head on: Why is there always someone having the experience? Who is the feeler of your feelings and the dreamer of your dreams? Who is the agent doing the doing, and what is the entity thinking your thoughts? Why is your conscious reality your conscious reality?

–Thomas Metzinger

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