All Dogefathers Go to Heaven (Part 1/3)

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Dark Forest Theory of Intelligence and No-ships

A Dark Forest Theory of Intelligence builds on the Dark Forest Theory of the Internet (DFTI) which developed further from the Three-Body Problem’s second book in the series, The Dark Forest. The premise is extremely simple, and serves as an Occam’s razor of martial and survival gaze in avoiding detection, while still increasing one’s network of communications. The original Dark Forest Theory was coined from the fiction work of Liu Cixin and suggests a reason the universe is so silent: the night forest is teeming with predators and to avoid detection as means of survival, predators and prey remain quiet. For the universe, this means that alien civilisations are either predatory or not, and to avoid being invaded, they do not needlessly send radio signals blasting across the galaxy (or Tesla’s for that matter).  It is better to avoid contact at all costs, as the probability of an alien species being predatory is pretty high, or the cost-benefits risk not of high value. For DFTI, this ‘going dark’ highlights the growing balkanization of the internet into private networks and private communications, namely against aggressive, predatory marketing and social media: the digital artist’s bane. It can go much deeper than Yancy Strickler’s exploration, further explored as a sense of conflict in Bogna Konior’s work.

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