Art for the Multiplicity, or Making the Future

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Speculative practice and theory are predicated on the desire to chart vectors of the future, and art plays a central role in such an undertaking. Aesthetic and political speculations can be approached through a largely dialectical opposition between two logics of structuration: where capital and the dogma of capitalist realism (“there is no alternative”) considers the future to ever be falling into itself by means of the mechanical self-assembly of machinic capital predicated on the maxim of “best practice” (meaning maximalization of profit and optimization for those ends), much of the contemporary left considers the future to be constructed along various party lines – Promethean modernism (L/ACC), feminist anarchism (XF), Metamodern bigotry (Luke Turner)… I want to briefly unravel some of the implications of the construction of the future from the perspective of post-sustainability. If the future is largely based in necessity as a result of climate change and the more general ecological crisis, where does that leave the ever bootstrapping project of humanity and the aesthetics which inevitably underwrite such a self-constructing project?

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