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Production: BCAA System

Conception: Dustin Breitling, Vit Van Camp, Casey Carr



ViroXenologies_#VX 01
by bcaasystem
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Production = incorporation, its effect commensurate with the symptom. We live bodies – corporate bodies, hybrid bodies, organic and formal bodies – tachyons of the biosphere, we bareback no membrane.

Larval[1]: our modus operandiisan ad infinitum loop of concealing, disguising and dissimulating. A ceaseless game of donning and shedding masks, perpetuating the illusory beliefs that one can ever unconceal or uncover the participating actors in Nature’s play. Ontological Insecurity Unbound….

Xeno: ‘Pandoras’. [2]We have manufactured our own breed of  genetic singularity and have designed our family tree that ramifies into its own interbred intimacies. Membranous Auto-Production, we are our own genetic laboratories, uncontaminated by the Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya hegemons.

Keno: We unleash and carry out the elegant act of unraveling Homo Sapiens’ impotence in Xeno-Encounters. Knowledge is only an immune system, built up to combat the leaking and terrifying circuits of the Outside trying to penetrate through the sieve of fleeting senses. The ‘unraveling’carries out the uncorrelative moment,  the moment the antibodies of thought are neutralized and we can engorge gaps into the “human episteme edifice,” gaps that inflect Sapien insignificance in the scheme of Deep Time and Geocosmic Alienness.

Larval Subjects, Xeno-Producers,’ AKA Keno Agents. Purpose›› To lubricate the Sapiens’ dizzying plunge into deeper chasms of ‘unknowing’ about its geotraumatic origins. We? An Outside Intelligence that bores through Sapiens’ knowledge ()hole complex. Immunity collapses.

[1]Larva  (denoting a disembodied spirit or ghost): from Latin, literally ‘ghost, mask’.)

[2]Refer to Pandora Virus.


ViroXenologies_#VX 02
by bcaasystem
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Signifiers of world potentialities. 世界潜力能指世界潜力能指12世界潜力能指11世界潜力能指10世界潜力能能指指能指00

word virus is basilisk 游戏

Consciousness = being permanently RickRoll’D into oblivion / Never gonna give you up / Never gonna giveyoupNevergonnagivenevergonnagive永远不会放弃永远不会放弃永10远不会放1弃111001101011000010111000111010001011111110011100111001001011100010001101111001001011110010011010111001101001010010111110111001011011110010000011111001101011000010111000111010001011111110011100111001001011100010001101111001001011110010011010111001101001010010111110111001011011110010000011



Mammalian reproduction and emergence: the outcome of a retrovirus[1]arms race, a game of stealth, crypsis, and viral particles camouflaging and wiggling their way into our genome’s DNA. It unzips itself through a reverse operation of hijack, a particle threading its way into the nucleus, capturing the host DNA, and permanently reencoding one of the many hardwares of the Evolutionary Matter-Energy Primary Process.

Sperm and eggs are vehicles of a long-winding heist, replicating and distributing DNA through cells and its copies that finally fuse and create a layer for placenta and uterus contact – a singular layer pipelining nature’s nutrients and essences to manufacture the blob of Embryonic Sapient Intelligence…

What is a Homo Sapiens? a palimpsest of viral infection, only a medium for a more elaborate game of parasite-host evasion and detection.



You ______(v.) ‘you‘ but a priori amalways WE


Larvatus prodeo – I Advance Masked

parəsʌɪt. noun

  1. organism lives in or on another organism (host) and benefits by deriving at the other’s expense.
  2. [derogatory] a _______  who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

“the capitalist is really a parasite on the workers” – Google


Myth of purity does not compute for us who are the ero_s in transcription, the faux amis. A system is a system is a system and we trojan horses graft futures onto the unwilling present.

The Oroborous of corporeal immunity is pathological – a vestigial remnant. We accelerate drift over the squirming brim.

Promiscuity in the service of emerging futures where the host range slips beyond the biosphere’s wetware infecting the ROM of culture. We replicatereplicate we, mutational peregrins, unseen guests of dark abodes we labor incessantly, ushering in derelict epochs one by one. Only the homeless be everywhere at home, ihr Wesen selbst unheimlich.

To have done with the telos, embrace self-replication.

Cannibalism is always incestuous and the age of mechanical reproduction is the only age. WEn move the absolute to process us, its bleeding fodder.


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