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The recent string of publications that have spelled out the dire consequences of Climate Breakdown compel critical considerations about the nature of adaptation, governance, and global security in the face of intensified environmental degradation.

What has been characterized as the ‘Threat Multiplier’ effects of Climate Breakdown are bound to exacerbate already existing stressors such as political instability, displacement, resource depletion and social tensions.

Thus, this session of #WyrdPatchwork inquires how the deforming impact of Climate Breakdown reinvigorates long-standing considerations concerning the scale and stability of social organization and governance.

Here, the recent interest orbiting around Patchwork not only attempts to address these considerations, yet readily generates governance models and approaches that regards fragmentation, secession, and bottom-up resilience as inevitable in what appears as a dead future.

Ultimately, the session of #WyrdPatchwork3 aspires to rummage in the trash mound of the present to discover whether we can salvage lost futures among the residue of a catabolizing civilization.

When: 20th January 2019

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