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Notes on cosmic dyspepsia and the unholy pain of martyrdom.

The occultural text Cosmic Dyspepsia is an important escape manual: diagramming the cosmos as a long, alchemical digestive tract, which eats unformed matter and creates rational forms in its stomach, and following the luciferian teleoplexy of late-stage capitalist commodities and brands, it helps us describe the anatomy of our state of cosmic capture. Exposing the grinding teeth, the convulsing esophagus and the acid secretions of the Godhead, it describes how our rational and ordered cosmos is created, how groundless it actually is and how it can be undone. Nontheless, the escape route from the One God Universe, as the CCRU would call it, is not straight forward: Cosmic Dyspepsia, in fact, describes, at least, two forms of escape. The first is the natural, excremental way out. God eats unformed matter and shits even more unformed matter, in an entropic self-consumption. As terrifying as this might sound on a cosmic scale, there is an even more disquieting exit: ulcers, tumors and lacerations. The digestive tract is broken, scarred from within and without, creating minoritarian ways out. The text is, in other words, covered in soaring and unnatural escape routes, which do not follow the process of rational formation of matter, but which tear apart the body of God. In my talk, I will try to account for these «internal and infernal revolts», diagramming the disarticulation of God’s integrity through a brief study of martyrdom. I will try to show how the cult of martyrs is actually an heretical cult of radical diversity, unnatural exit and willful deception of the One God Universe. To do so, I will explore the pagan mythos of two of the most controversial figures of Catholicism: the well-known con-artist Padre Pio and the perverse representations of Saint Sebatian. My aim is to show how the Godhead cannot stop its own internal hemorrhages.

Chris Shaw

“I define patchwork as the adaptation and fragmentation of institutional structures through the processes of exit and voice. In this sense patchwork can be seen in multiple real-world vectors where developments are creating institutional complexification and blurring the lines of jurisdiction and sovereignty.

Spontaneous disorder, the overload of socio-economic information, is accelerating financial and logistical matters beyond direct control and thus altering and de-codifying the decentralised plans that Hayek described as integral to markets.

These restructuring dynamics are part of what I would call our intertechnic period of socio-economic-technological capacities and apparatuses which gives precedence to communication, inter-operability and speed.

I identify 7 modes that are currently developing which demonstrate these intertechnic elements:

  1. Platform companies and fiduciaries
  2. Stacks and IT systems
  3. 4th generation warfare and paramilitarism
  4. Political populism and networked tribes
  5. Capital flows and finance
  6. Regulatory dispersion and new modes of sovereignty
  7. Climate change

These interrelated modes are swayed and structured by the effects of economic competition, information overload and systemic decay, producing the potential for collapse dynamics and new possibilities for voice and exit as they evolve and grow.”


“Considering the relationship between patchwork thinking and Accelerationism, this talk will consider how a philosophical thinking-through of human and non-human agencies can inform a politics against the state and, by extension, capitalist dynamics.”


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